Monday 16 November 2015

Clothes Wishlists from Sammy Dress

Don't you love it when you stumble across a bargain site?  Sammydress is just that!  I must admit that the name of the site threw me a bit but they stock a bit of everything.  Not just clothes.  But let's face it, I love clothes over here, so I thought I'd put together a wishlist - one for the boys and one for me!

The Boys Wishlist:

1) Elephant jumper $7.19

Felix in particular loves Elephants so I was thinking of him when I picked this top.  It'd look brilliant paired with his elephant leggings from Fred & Noah.

2) Bear Christmas Jumper $12.69

Christmas jumpers!  I get the boys new ones every year.  At least one.  Sometimes more!  We're quite into festive wear in our house - even the hubby has a few Christmas jumpers.  The boys like to wear Christmassy clothing for the whole of December.  So do I actually.  This bear is cute, I think either or both of them would happily wear it - twinning is winning! 

3) Tribal print joggers $9.15

These joggers would go well with loads of tops the boys have.  Grey is a great colour.  Love the details as well.

4) Bird print gilet $14.13

Love the print on this gilet.  Unisex as well in my book.  Felix loves any animals and birds fascinate him so I chose this with him in mind.

My Wish List: 

1) Merry Christmas Home Alone Jumper $8.69

Home Alone is one of our favorite Christmas films.  If I'm honest, the boys ask to watch the Home Alone films all year long.  This is a line that we quote to each other all the time!

2) Lace Dress $10.99

There's something classic and Audrey Hepburn about this dress.  I'd love to wear it out over Christmas.  Maybe even Christmas Day at home.  I like to wear a dress on Christmas day.  I would say New Years Eve but let's face it, I'm not going out for NYE!!  Love the lace detailing and the neckline would be flattering!

3) Mama elephant jumper $5.99

If Felix is going to wear elephants, I should too, right?  I like the image on this one.  Mama and baby elephant.  It's so cute!

4) Cape Coat $13.31

Cape coats have been popular for a few seasons and I don't think they are going away.  They look great over big jumpers and you can get away with quite a few layers or thick jumpers under them.  I love the colour on this one, it'll go with everything.  They just look classic!

So, bargains galore, I'm sure you'll agree!  What would you pick?

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