Friday 13 November 2015

Standing out from the crowd!

Don't you just love it when you order something online and it arrives less than 24 hours later!  Last week I wrote about Five Boys Clothing and the fantastic trousers I'd ordered from there.  Well, they arrived in int he post early Saturday morning and Ethan wanted to get them on straight away!

I've bought Boys & Girls clothing for quite a long time now.  In fact, they were one of my first blog sponsors!  Their clothes never disappoint.  These trousers certainly don't.  They look amazing on.  Ethan remarked on how soft they are.  They have pockets which he loves.  There's absolutely nothing negative you can say about them.  They are age 5-6 and Ethan is over 6 now so I suppose you could say they come up a big large.  But then Ethan is quite diddy.

Boys Unisex Fashion Boys and Girls Mini Rodini H&M Hot Sauce and Donuts

Boys Unisex Fashion Boys and Girls Mini Rodini H&M Hot Sauce and Donuts

Something else Ethan was rocking over the weekend was his brilliant bunny dungarees from Polish/Irish brand Famstyle.  I bought them a little while ago but they got a bit misplaced during our move so we only rediscovered them recently.  When I found them Ethan said "What are those cute clothes?  I want to wear them all weekend!".  Bless him.  He loves the cute bunny face.  I like that they are unisex and something a bit different.  Why shouldn't a boy wear a bunny?  He looked lovely and found them great for romping around in.

Famstyle Unisex kids fashion

Have you had a parcel turn up really quickly before?  I always find it exciting!

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