Monday 23 November 2015

Tips for a good nights sleep

Earlier this year we treated ourselves to a new mattress.  Our old mattress was 14 years old and had seen us through two pregnancies and lots of co-sleeping!  We spent a fair bit getting ourselves a new one but we knew it would be worth it.  Quality of sleep is so important, isn't it!  Especially as a parent.  Our nights are interrupted by the boys as it is so anything that helps improve what we do get is worth it.

Casper is a "sleep startup".  They have been around for about a year now and have created mattresses, pillows and bedding to help promote the best night sleep.  They shared their tips and solutions for a good night sleep with me and I thought I'd pass them on:

Now we have our new mattress, we are getting better sleep.  Our bed feels wonderful.  I have also recently made an effort to make sure that my phone is out of the way so I don't see the notification light flashing.  As for the kids coming in and waking us up.. no idea how to stop that one!

What do you do for a good nights sleep?

**This is not a sponsored post, I simply wanted to share the tips**

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