Friday 27 November 2015

Christmas with Zazzle

Zazzle have really opened my eyes this year.  A few weeks ago you might remember me featuring a tiny selection of their printed t-shirts.  Well, they don't just offer clothing!  Not at all.  Zazzle print on just about anything you can think of!  Not only that, there are more independent artists and designers than you can imagine uploading their designs to be printed.  You can type just about anything into the search box on their website and something will come up!

Zazzle stock a vast range of cards, postcards, invitations, stickers, wrapping paper.  It's all there. I was very kindly allowed to try out some of their stationary goodies and I have to say it was a wonderful experience!

When using Zazzle, you must brace yourself.  Prepare yourself to be a little overwhelmed by choice.  I would say it's a good idea to have something in mind when approaching Zazzle, at least at first.  I decided I'd really like to find some retro/vintage style cards so when I arrived at their site I typed in retro Christmas cards and a whole heap of designs popped up!

It took a while to whittle down my choices.  There were so many fantastic designs I could pick.  I chose a selection of cards but I was also drawn to their packs of Christmas postcards.  I like the idea of a  Christmas postcard.  Something a little bit different!  So, on top of my selection of individual cards I ordered two packs of postcards.

Zazzle Christmas Cards

I then decided to delve into the world of extras - stickers and labels!  Again, Zazzle stock just about every kind of sticker and label you can imagine.  I chose a pack of label stickers (for presents) a pack of return address labels to go on cards (as we moved recently I thought it'd be handy so people have our address!) and some stickers to add decoration to envelops and gifts.

I've always experienced great service with Zazzle.  The items all arrived quickly.  They were securely packaged, not bent or damaged in any way.  The quality of the card used is excellent.  The cards are lovely and glossy and feel substantial.  Same goes for the postcards.  The stickers look brilliant, good quality, bright, well printed.  I really love sealing a Christmas card envelop with a cute sticker!  I should add that the cards all came with an envelop -  not the postcards though, of course!

Retro AND rude!

If you're after something a little bit special then I would wholeheartedly recommend Zazzle.  And now's a good time to check them out because they'll have some great Black Friday deals on!

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