Friday 20 November 2015

Felix styled by Felix

My boys are quite into their clothes.  Not all that surprising, really!  Mostly, I choose their clothes for them just to save time, especially on weekdays - well, Ethan has to wear school uniform, but for Felix.  It saves us time in the morning if I've chosen his outfit the night before.  However, this week, Felix picked his own clothes on Thursday morning and I think he did a lovely job!

Lucky, I'm not afraid to mix patterns at all.  Felix chose himself two items and they both happen to be from one of our favorite Insta shops, Shop Haute.  Shop Haute is one of the first kids clothing brands I found on Insta.  They are based in Hawaii, a WAHM brand.  The prices are great, the clothes are lovely, excellent quality.  We still love them two years on!

Shop Haute funky boys fashion kids fashion

Do your kids ever choose their own clothes?

Linking up with my kids fashion buddy Hannah for our linky Funky Kid Friday!

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