Friday 8 June 2012

Fashion Friday - I went shopping...

Ahhh, retail therapy.  Even if nothing is getting you down, a little shopping trip is always enjoyable!

This wasn't browsing though, I set off with a mission on my shopping trip yesterday..  I was after a pair of yellow cropped skinny jeans from GAP.  Was I successful?  Yes and no..

My first stop was, of course, GAP.  I wondered in and my eyes gravitated to a pair of yellow jeans.  But they were boyfriend style.. boo!! Ah well, I'll try them on I thought.  I looked around the rest of the shop, disappointed that I couldn't find any coloured skinny jeans.  I was about to give up when I suddenly found a whole load of them hiding in a corner of the shop - yay!! No yellow ones, but plenty of other colours, blue, green, pink, grey.. I grabbed a blue pair.  I know it's not even close to yellow, but I have green, orange and pink already.  Blue is a great colour to go for.  Classic.

In the changing room I was not disappointed, the jeans fitted like a glove which I was a bit surprised about (I grabbed an 8 and a 10 - the 8 was ok but the 10 looked best) I was expecting them to get stuck around my thighs - whilst checking out jeans on the GAP website all the reviews for this style said they come up very small.. I was expecting to need a 12 or even 14.  I got lucky perhaps.. could be because I'm short maybe?

Taking them to the checkout, I suddenly noticed a big sign stating that everything in the shop (apart from sale items) has 30% off.  Wooooo! So glad I didn't buy online.  My jeans would have set me back £45.99 but came in at just over £32.  Great.  Not too pricey.  More than my Tesco and Primark jeans, but these feel like heaven, the material is gorgeous.

Buoyed on by my first success, I hit TKMaxx.  I love TKMaxx. It's not somewhere I can visit with Ethan (or Pete) because I can't relax and take my time.. and you need to take your time at TKMaxx because it is a little like a jumble sale.  Especially in half term.  It was heaving.  I grabbed a few dresses to try on including a  cute Cynthia Rowley number they only had in a size 6.  I got it on OK but it was a little tight on the back (not surprising considering my F cups!!).  Booo... one of the dresses I grabbed (Studio 1) looked lovely though, so that one came home with me.

After a frapachino pitstop (oh maaaaaaaan, those Mocha Cookie Crumble Frapachinos from Starbucks are beyond gorgeous!) I then hit up the big one.  Primarni baby!  If TKMax was heaving, Primark was like some sort of cattle show.. mad. Still, when you're shopping without a buggy it's much easier to navigate the crowds.  I took a few dresses, tops and a pair of yellow jeans to the changing room but only came out with one of the tops and one of the dresses - luckily the dress that was £5 - the cheapest one I'd picked up.  I'm in love with it, it looks fab on and such a bargain.

Primark being Primark, I couldn't come away without a few accessories, so got a pair of sunglasses for me and a pair for Ethan (£1 each!), two pairs of ankle socks (50p each) and a set of PJs with a cute print for Ethan (£3).

I do love Primark!

Well... that sums up my spending spree.  The whole lot was £65 so I don't think that's too bad for what I got!  Having had a look at the evidence, it seems I'm loving blue and yellow at the moment!!

What have you bought lately?


  1. Not bad at all you done well lovely!
    I love the Gap jeans and that vest from Primani is gorgeous.
    I had a bit of spree in Asda yesterday and bought a gorgeous summer dress and leggings in orange, so not an obvious colour for me but i love them, i will share on the blog later x x
    Loving Ethans jim jams x

  2. It's great shopping without a buggy, isn't it. I love the dress from Primark. Sounds like you had a productive day :)


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