Wednesday 6 June 2012

What I wore Wednesday - different ways with pink jeans..

Over the last week I've been enjoying my new cropped pink skinny jeans by F&F at Tesco.  I was inspired to buy them after seeing Rachel from Rachel The Hat looking so fantastic in her yellow pair.  I knew I had to get some!  The first pair I ordered online (our Tesco doesn't stock clothing) were too big for me, so I had to return those and order again.. all in all, it took a while before I got my sticky mitts on a pair that I was happy in.  I've worn them a few times now and I'm ecstatic with them.  Totally recommend them, they are only £14, the quality seems good, they haven't gone baggy and the colour is GORGEOUS. I'm not even all that much of a pink person, but it's a nice bold and bright pink. Really brightened my mood now the rain is back!

The first outfit I'm going to show you is a pairing of the jeans with the Asda bird top that I was umming and ahhing over a few days ago - I did keep it, but the Asda jeans have gone back.

Yes, I realise I'm pulling some horrible faces here and you can't even see much of the jeans, but this was the best I could do!!

Top - Asda £8
Jeans - F&F for Tesco £14

The next outfit I wore on Monday.  We had a family BBQ and after a glass of wine I ended up on a pair of inline skates for the first time in about 15 years.... haha.  It was fun and now I'm really sure about wanting to invest in a pair of skates to use when Ethan learns to skate!

A more casual look, nice and comfy for skating in!  I really love these jeans.

Top - New Look
Vest (underneath) H&M
Sunglasses - D&G from TKMaxx

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  1. Looking good! I love the last outfit! Fab x

  2. i'm a huge fan of tesco jeans, they fit well, and are very comfy! Love these pink ones!! And the yellow owl tee is amazing!(is it an owl?) love the skates too, you're such a cool mummy!

    1. Well, it's all down to you that I am now the proud owner of a pair! I agree, the fit is great and they are comfy. It is an owl tee. I'm a bit owl obsessed!

      Just wait until I've got my own pair of skates.. I plan to get retro style ones! Hehe.. xx

  3. Hey hot stuff! You have an amazing little body - I don't think I'd seen you wear something as the look and I'm kinda jealous of those pink jeans. The top looks great! Glad you kept it

    1. Well, I'm just blushing now!! I constantly fault my body, but don't we all? I am very happy with these outfits though. I'm glad I kept the top as well, it's been getting lots of compliments! x

  4. LOVE your rollerblading outfit-- so fun!


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