Monday 4 June 2012

Magpie Monday - blankets and toys..

I got really lucky in a Holly Hedge animal sanctuary charity shop the other day.  I've been looking for some eye catching bright crochet blankets for a friend as she's recently had a baby and loves crochet blankets (as do I).  Quite a few of the charity shops round here sell them.  It seems that many of the volunteers can crochet and knit and use odds and ends of wool that get donated to make blankets and toys whilst at a loose end in the shop, if it's quiet.  I love this idea.  It's recycling, it's re-using and it makes them a little money.. and you get something hand made as well!! Can't go wrong.

Anyway, I found two blankets and at only £2 each, I had to get both.  If you look on eBay, Etsy or in boutique shops, you can be charged in excess of £30 for blankets such as these.  Now, I know they can keep the prices low in the charity shop because they are using donated wool, but still, such a price difference.  They are always so beautiful.

Whilst looking at the blankets, I spotted this dress on the next rail.  The pattern popped out at me straight away.  It was in my size and only £1.75 so I decided to buy it without trying it on.  I've tried it on at home since and I'm very happy with it.  Very bright and cheerful!

Taking the blankets up to the counter, I spotted a little knitted teddy in a toy basket.  There was no price, but I had to have him.  He looks so so similar to my Mum's childhood Teddy and also bares an uncanny resemblance to Abney from The Adventures of Abney & Teal (cbeebies).  Turns out he was only 50p!  Brand new, made by one of the ladies in the shop.

I left that shop beaming from ear to ear.  I spent little more than a fiver and couldn't believe all I got.

OK, the colours are the wrong way around, but you have to admit the similarity!  Image Source: BBC

On a high I went into one of my old faves, the Mind charity shop.  We only found one thing, a box of fuzzy felt for £1.  Ethan loves fuzzy felt though - it made a good prize to go in his poo prize bag.  He's been playing with it lots since.  In great condition, it was well worth £1.

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  1. Epic charity shop finds! I'd be beaming, too :)

  2. I am hugely jealous of your finds this week. Love the all!!

  3. Great finds! Always love a crocheted blanket - so much work in them, which I REALLY appreciate now, as I'm trying to make one. Yours were such a bargain x


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