Tuesday 10 June 2014

Felix's Room Tour

For SO LONG now I have been planning to feature the boys bedrooms on the blog.  Out of all of the rooms in our house, they are quite possibly my favourite.  I enjoy being in them and I have real fun decorating them.
One of the reasons I've held back on writing about them is that they never seem to be "finished" or "perfect" but I've come to realise they probably never will be.  After all, they are children who are growing and changing every day.  Their rooms reflect that!

There are two things that I would like to change in Felix's room to make it feel more "finished" in my eyes, but I can't see that happening any time soon.  I would like him to have a cotbed and I have the perfect one in mind.  Cosatto sell two beautiful cot beds and either of them would look amazing in his room.  I have my heart set on the Babushka though.  Why do I want one of these?  Well, they are a little bigger than a cot so will last him longer.  What I'm really attracted to, though, is the storage space.  They have draws underneath them.  Storage is an issue in Felix's room because there is only space for a chest of draws, not a wardrobe.  All of his clothes and cloth nappies have to fit in there.  Extra storage that is purposful and tidy under a cot bed would make a huge difference.

Cosatto Babushka Story Cot Bed
Image Source: Cosatto
The second thing I would really love to change is the carpet.  A few days ago was the 10 year anniversary of the day we moved into our house and apart from the living room carpet, the carpet in Felix's room is the only  other one we haven't changed.  It's not bad quality but it's not a style I would ever pick.  Firstly, it has a really dated pattern on it.  Secondly, it is covered in marks and stains.  Really covered. I don't like it at all.  Every time I go in the room I feel it brings it down.  I would really like something hard wearing in there instead and there are some amazing hard wearing and forgiving carpets you can choose from these days.

Having had a quick nosey on the Carpet Right website this evening, I've picked out what I would go for.  Something that will work with all of the colours in the room (we do like colour in our house!) and something that will be very forgiving when it comes to stains.  I have to be realistic, what with it being a child's bedroom, stains are inevitable.  Just think about what happens when you have a screaming feverish baby in the middle of the night and you're trying to doll our calpol in the dark..

This is what I'd put in there if I could:

Tivoli Cream Loop Pile Carpet, Carpet Right
Tivoli Cream Loop Pile Carpet - Image Source: Carpet Right

Due to the two tone pile, it'd be very forgiving!

Well.. on to the main event.  Felix's room as it stands.  I really am very proud of it, I feel it's such a happy space.

There is such a lot going on in this room which I know won't be to everyone's taste, but I feel it makes a good reflection of a child and in particular, my child!  The walls are quite a bold solid green colour.  We actually painted this room green when I was pregnant with Ethan, we felt it was a good colour for a young child.  Since then, fashions have changed a little and it seems paler walls or even white walls are much more in, but I can't see us getting around to painting any time soon, and whilst it is a statement, I do think it still looks good.

Felix's chest of draws I found in a charity shop when I was pregnant.  We sanded them down, re varnished and attached some cute new draw knobs.  A nice easy facelift!

I love the iconic Farg Form cloud print and found these storage boxes on offer at The Pippa and Ike Show.   They have proven to be very useful.  I keep nappy changing equipment in the middle sized one and medicins/creams etc in the smallest one.  The largest one has bandanna bibs in at present!

Felix loves "cat clocks" so we bought one with his birthday money which really made his day (week, month, year!).  He enjoys watching the tail and eyes move.  Orange looks gorgeous against the green walls we think.

You can't have a child's room withiout some Lucky Boy Sunday cuddlies.  Fancy Nulle is just about the best cuddly ever.  He's pretty much the same size as Felix at the moment and so soft.  Felix likes to roll around the floor with Bow Jovi, kissing him..

Felix's bedroom. Lucky Boy Sunday, Studio Escargot, Hellow Apparel, Decorating with decals

I'm a bit obsessed with wall stickers (or decals as they are often called).  Why do I like them so much?  Well, they are a quick and easy way to update a room.  Many of them are easy to remove and are even re-positionable (or, in my experience, even if they aren't officially re-positionable, you can move them around if you are careful!).

Felix has heaps of wall stickers in his room.  As you can see above, there is a cute hello from Hello Apparel via Southwood Stores.  The birds & leaves I bought a long time ago and in all honestly, I can't remember where.   The Be Brave is a Shanna Murray design stocked by Deco Baby.  I love this one.  It's simple, sweet and inspiring.

We also have a huge love of Totoro and other Ghibli films in our house so you will find a great many soot sprites on Felix's wall.  I found a gorgeous Totoro under an umbrella on eBay which works perfectly with Farg Form's raindrops.

Speaking of Farg Form, look closely and you'll see some of their cloud stickers on the walls too!

I adore displaying Felix's clothes.  Items that are especially beautiful or perhaps too big from him yet.  That's where the Red Hand Gang come in handy.  Abi makes these beautiful hangers which are perfect to display clothing.  I even had my own one commissioned!! 

Felix's Room Candy Kirkby Designs, Farm Form, Lucky Boy Sunday, Fine Little Day

Medicated Follower of Fashion, Felix's Room, Farg Form, Ikea, Home Decor, Kids room, Baby room, Nursery

Medicated Follower of Fashion, Felix's Room, Farg Form, Ikea, Home Decor, Kids room, Baby room, Nursery

Even just looking through pictures of this room I can see how much it changes week on week.  Mostly because I buy new additions for it like the pom pom garland from Woody & Florence.  Run by Chloe, you'll be hard pushed not to want to buy everything they make (which is why I've had to ask her to make me some bedding!!).

MollyMeg, Farg Form, Fox Rug

Some things I have to move around because Felix's is getting taller and more able to pull at things but not old enough to fully understand being asked not to do something... the tiny felt bunting has had to move around a few times.

How amazing is the fox rug?  Felix has a bit of a fox theme, he's my Felix Fox.  I had to get this for him when I saw Molly Meg stocked them!

Felix's room, baby's room, nursery

There are just so many items in Felix's room I don't think I could list them all.  I will include a list of my favourite stores to buy from at the end of this post though.  How would I describe the style of Felix's bedroom?  Hmm.. Most of my house I would call scandi-shabby-chic and I suppose this is in a similar vein.  There is no doubt I am very inspired by scandi style but I don't have the white walls they often do.  I do love white walls but am somewhat frightened of them in children's rooms!

I plan to share Ethan's room soon and probably other rooms in the house if this is well received.  I adore decorating my home.  It's not what I'd call my "forever home".  I'd like a 1930s property ideally but until I am working we have to stay where we are.  We are lucky, we have three bedrooms and it is a good size.

Favourite stockists:

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