Thursday 26 June 2014

Trendy Thursday - Kids Style Linky

I'm doing things slightly different for Trendy Thursday this week - I wrote a fashion post earlier in the week which I'm going to link up below just like anyone else joining in would do, so please look out for my post!

My blog is a little quiet this week.  Felix is a very full on baby and for the last few weeks he is only sleeping for 30 minutes during the day which just isn't enough time for me to do anything in, let alone blogging.  I'm am stuck with trying to blog at night but because he is so energetic I am too tired most evenings to think about dragging the laptop out and in all honestly, I'm starting to feel chained to the blog.  I love it and I'm not planning to stop any time soon, but I just want to warn people it may be a little quieter until he decides to nap properly!   He doesn't even sleep through yet either... bloody child!!

Right.  It's Thursday, so it's Trendy time!  Link up any outfit posts you've written recently below.  Remember, please:

- comment here- visit others - even if you are the first to join in, please pop back to visit others- link to my blog and/or display the Trendy Thursday badge

Thank you everyone and happy #TrendyThursday! xx

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  1. Sorry I haven't joined in for a while, you'll see why when you visit my post. Hope you get a break soon, naps are so important for us mums too. Don't give up & you'll get there. Loving the blogs new look too xx


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