Friday 6 June 2014

Trendy Thursday - one day late!

What a week we have had here.... last week was half term, which was nice in but very busy and I had very little time for the blog.  This week I was looking forward to getting back to normal, but of course, life is never so simple.

On Saturday night Felix woke during the night with a raging temperature of 40 and a fractious night and day followed.  Come Sunday evening, Ethan was showing symptoms as well.  Both boys have spent the week seeming to get better and then go downhill again.  Yesterday I sent Ethan back to school because his temp had stayed down and he seemed perky.  However, at lunchtime I received a call from school asking if I could collect him (thank goodness I don't work!) because he was lying down in the playground and feeling ill.  Poor sausage.

I collected him straight away in the car (dragging a moaning and also poorly Felix with me) and we drove home.  As we parked up on the driveway Ethan started moaning and groaning, clutching at his chest and saying "My body! My body! I feel SO poorly! It hurts!".  As you know, being a Mum, I could tell straight away that he was going to be sick so I dashed out of the front of the car to his side and offered him my hands - what else had I?  He proceeded to projectile vomit all over himself and the car.  My hands didn't help in the least.  I couldn't believe the mess!!!  I had to strip him down, wash him off, wash the car.  Even his lunch box and book bag got covered!  It took me an hour and a half to clean up.   Suffice to say that at this point, a Trendy Thursday post was out of the question.

The rest of the day passed quickly in a blur of caring for the boys.  Thank goodness my parents have taken them both for a few hours today so now I have some time.. and boy am I busy!

I know it's a day late and probably won't attract as much attention as it should, but I didn't want to miss out so here is this week's Trendy Thursday.  Not a huge amount to showcase, due to the illness!!

Ethan did a little dressing up as "Princess Ethan":

Shop Haute Handmade is Haute

Where the Wild Things Are t shirt - George at Asda via the charity shop
Cloud leggings - Shop Haute
Slippers - eBay

Polarn O Pyret

Stripy top - Polarn O Pyret
Leggings - H&M

I have some rather gorgeous finds to share with you now.  If you follow in Instagram you've probably already seen them, but I want to show them off here too.  First up, this beautiful sleeping bag from The Bright Company.  They have had their bedwear reduced this week so I had to take advantage of that.  This bag is 6-18 months and is beautiful.  I wish it were a little bigger so it would last longer but really, it's just so fantastic!  I love Bright Company patterns.

How about Felix's cot sheet?  Amazing isn't it!  This is from Candy Kirkby Designs and I'm afraid it cost me rather a lot to purchase and import but honestly, it is something special! I think it's my favourite of his sheets.  As he's in a sleeping bag and not using a duvet, I like to have something cute in there.

How about the Kit Cat Klock on the wall?  We have a black Kitty Cat Klock at the bottom of our stairs and Felix has been obsessed with it since birth.  One of his first words was clock and he loves to stare at "CaT CloCK" (caps for emphasis!) as Felix calls it.  We used some of his birthday money to get one for his room and it makes him grin every day.  I purchased it from a rather lovely eBay seller who imports them - they are quite hard to come by in the UK and he is one of the nicest most helpful eBay sellers I've ever "met".  We had some trouble hanging the clock and getting it to work due to the walls in our house being wonky and I also dropped the tail.  Totally my fault but he has sourced a replacement tail for me for no extra cost.  That's customer service folks!

The Bright Company, Candy Kirkby Designs

Have you heard about Studio Escargot?  Apart from having a rather wonderful name, they, or rather Sophia makes the most beautiful dolls you have ever seen.. They are truly beautiful.  She recently shared a picture of a Unicorn she had made on Instagram and I just knew we had to have one.  I had to wait a few weeks because she was so busy, but our Unicorn arrived this morning and he was totally worth the wait.  Felix is a little too young to play with him carefully enough yet, so for now, he's sitting on his shelf looking after the books.  He's gorgeous!

Studio Escargot

A couple of weeks ago on Etsy I came across Velveteen Babies.  I am such a fan of this shop.  I want everything that Coral makes.  I bought two of her cute speech bubbles, one for each of my boys, with their nicknames on.  I also purchased a Superhero and Sidekick mask set for Ethan and Gloworm to play with.  I think Coral's items are fantastically priced for handmade original items and I may just have commissioned her to make a little something for Father's Day!

Velveteen Babies

Velveteen Babies

Velveteen BabiesVelveteen Babies

Finally, I have one more shop to share.  I found this lovely shop on Folksy this week.  I buy quite a lot of clothes for the boys from America because they seem so ahead of the trends with their fabric choices.  It's harder to find SUPER trendy handmade clothes in the UK so when I do I get VERY excited because of course it means no risk of import tax!  This lovely shop is called Marmalade Sky Baby and features clothing and accessories for babies and children made by the very cool Sarah.  She describes her stock as "Fun, stylish gender neutral baby clothes" so she's totally up my street!  I found it very hard to pick what to buy but  decided upon a cap and an infinity scarf because the boys will get years of use from these:

Marmalade Sky BabyMarmalade Sky Baby

 Right - I think I have shared enough with you lovely lot for now!  It's over to you - what have your little fashion monkeys been rocking? Have you found any cool new shops?  Link up below and don't forget to share the love, comment here, comment on others, tweet links.  You know the drill!!

Have a gorgeous weekend folks - I'm off to The South West Blog Social in Exeter tomorrow! Woot! A day out BY MYSELF!!! Coffee.. coffee.. COFFEE!!

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  1. The sick in the car/hands/everywhere story is horrific. Poor you! Poor Ethan! I have only been 'got' with it once since it became proper sick rather than little baby upchuck and that was bad enough... not looking forward to illness!
    We have the same black n white leggings! I do love the sheet too... I've not found affordable fitted cot sheets that are funky, sadly that price is out of my budget too but I think I'm going to dye 2 of ours with dylon and see what happens!

    Thanks for hosting! I should have something else for next week too! X

  2. Thanks for hosting. I love The Bright Company sleeping bag, Elsa's got some of their pjs. Fabulous patterns. And I'm so pleased to see two reviews of my Itsy Bits tutus here (my alter ego is Itsy Bits Children's Boutique!).

    See you next week!

  3. Ethan looks awesome! Sounds like you've had a tough week, I've not had to deal with that kind of sickness....,yet!


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