Monday 23 June 2014

Little Mooshoo retro shirt review

Something I adore about being a blogger is discovering new brands and being able to share them with you, on the blog, on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, wherever!

I recently discovered Little Mooshoo who specialise in clothing for children with a retro/70s vibe.  Tam, who runs Little Mooshoo asked if I would like to review a couple of items of clothing from her collection so you can bet I said yes!

We were very kindly sent a gorgeous retro shirt and a pair of "Alibaba pants" which are rather like baggy harem pants/trousers.

As you'd expect, we received the items quickly and packaged up very nicely.  I couldn't wait to get Ethan into them, but... and I'm not complaining here (really, I'm not!) but it's been so warm lately, I've not managed to get Ethan dressed in them.

It's not been cool enough to try wearing the alibaba pants but today was Ethan's Great Great Grandfather's 90th birthday party and I thought that would be the perfect time to wear the lovely shirt.

Little Mooshoo retro shirt, minecraft

Ethan received a complement from just about everyone at the party this afternoon - I'm not just making that up!! People loved it!  Ethan loved it too..

The shirt itself is fantastic quality.  The material is lovely.  Not too thick, not too heavy.  The buttons are well attached.  It has a pattern so is forgiving when it comes to stains and getting messy..

Little Mooshoo retro shirt

It's a lovely shirt, something a bit different.  Little Mooshoo have more lovely retro inspired stock on their website but  I do have a little insider knowledge - new stock will be coming in soon!

As it's too hot for trousers at the moment I shall save the review of the trousers for another day.. but you can be sure we'll be putting them to use as soon as we can - just want to enjoy this sunshine for a little while longer yet!

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  1. That's a FAB shirt. Rory would love it. He has quite a collection of what he calls "daddy shirts" because he likes to look like Rich (he who adores a retro shirt).

  2. You know what, I really thought it was quite Rory and Richard-ish! This lovely lady who sells these shirts is struggling a little with sales at the moment and they are really lovely. And they are reduced at the moment ;-) x

  3. LOVE both of these items! Those pants look so comfy - I'd love a pair ;) xx

  4. I do love the shirt! And paired with the shorts - I thought they were meant to go together! Its great to see boys clothes that look cool without trying to be too grown up

  5. Doesn't be look gorgeous? And so smart. Nice to see cute boys clothes as well as girls ones

  6. That's a lovely shirt. N does love to wear shirts, but I always put him in t shirts because I think they're probably more comfortable. But he doesn't seem to think shirts are uncomfy. He has a few now, so should really get them out for him to wear

  7. What a smart shirt, it really suits him. Look forward to seeing your review of the trousers too. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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