Thursday 12 June 2014

Trendy Thursday - Cissy Wears

I know I'm always telling you about where I shop and I know it means lots of you end up spending more money, but I'm sorry (not sorry) I need to ease my own shoppers guilt!

I've been following Cissy Wears on Instagram for an age now and what a beautiful feed it is.  For ages I've seen the tag #cissysmarmararmy around.  It's used when folks have bought some Mar Mar Copenhagen leopard print clothing and have posted a pic on Instagram.  I love children in a bit of leopard print, especially boys, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I joined in.

Towards the end of last week I caved in and placed an order.  I chose a Mar Mar Copenhagen sleepsuit and Mini Rodini snake print vest for Felix and a Beau Loves hoody for Ethan.

Cissy Wears, Mini Rodini, Beau Loves, Mar Mar Copenhagen

How insanely amazing are these items?  The Mar Mar is too big for Felix yet but I'm planing to put Felix in the snake vest tomorrow though - watch out on IG!  I know he's going to love that one.  He loves to make animal noises so no doubt will spend the day making "Sssssss" noises at himself in the mirror.

Beau Loves, Cissy Wears
Beau Loves Hoody
Cissy Wears also stocks books and other goodies so I snuck a book into my order.  Here's Felix having a read - it's so cute!

Cissy Wears

Infinity Scarf - My Milla Baby
Owl Leggings - Little Four Clothing

Have you found any new shops lately?  Link up your kids fashion posts below.  Please don't forget to comment here and visit others!  Thanks! x


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  2. Love the snake vest. So cool. I'm a big fan of larger sized clothes - means more wear out of them!

  3. "Now I am big" is one of Bea's favourite books! I love the illustrations :) Those owl leggings are amazing! xx

  4. That hoodie is amazing! I love that it's a bit different. I'm a fan a short sleeved hoodies. I think they're really cute.

  5. I'm going to Copenhagen this summer and I am absolutely going to visit one of their stores and get my son some leopard print...I LOVE that you said "leopard, especially for boys", you have so much creativity!

    Angie from reasons to dress, fashion, real mom street style & life as a North American mom in Italy.


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