Sunday 8 June 2014

So, what's fashion for boys then?

I went to a fantastic blogging event this weekend, the South West Blog Social created and hosted by Jodie of A La Jode and Albertine of Dippy Writes.  I had a wonderful time- more on that in another post!

Going to a blogger event, you meet lots of bloggers.  That's a given.  There are so many different categories of blogs out there, it's incredibly interesting to speak to those who write under a different subject.  I love how these events can help us understand each other a little more but they do throw up some interesting questions.

Something I was asked yesterday gave me pause for thought:

"So, what is fashion for boys then?"

You know... I've never really thought.. I just feel that fashion is for everyone.  For me, it's not so much about "fashion" in as much as mindlessly following the latest "trends".  It's about expressing yourself.  I want my boys to be able to express themselves.  To be comfortable to wear whatever they like with pride.  To be themselves.  I don't want them to be frightend of colour or pattern, to be constrained by what society or the media says is acceptable to wear.  Obviously I'd prefer them to look classy! Ha..

As I said to a few bloggers yesterday " Well, my son has gone to a birthday party this afternoon with a Wall:E outfit on his top half & a pink tutu on the bottom".  I am pleased he is still happy to wear what he likes at nearly 5.

A throw away comment from one blogger to another yesterday:

" I was glad I had a boy, I was relieved I wouldn't have to spend so much money on clothes or worry about fashion! "

I had to laugh at that.  First of all, I probably spend more on clothing for my boys than most mother's of girls!! That's my choice of course.  Secondly though, what's with all the gender stereotyping?  It's like saying "I'm glad I had a girl because now I won't have to worry about supporting someone through Uni so they can become a Dr!".  OK.  Maybe not so extreme... But it's the same thought process!

fashion for boys

We don't know who are children will be when they are handed to us after birth.  We can only support them to the best of our ability and hope that we allow them to be whoever THEY want to be.

So.  What's fashion for boy's? Well, what's fashion for girls I say!  It will always just come down to fun & expression for me.  Which is probably why I spent a year wearing a red spandex cat suit aged 12!


  1. Heh. I think that was me on both counts! Whoops! I'm pretty happy for Lucas to wear whatever he wants, and he generally does. He likes brights but not patterns. I'm just not used to the concept of boys fashion--all the boys we know live in jeans and t-shirts which isn't my idea of fashion, but maybe it is?! Who knows.

    Anyway, it was lovely to meet you on Saturday! xx

    1. LOL yes, but don't worry, I wasn't in any way offended!! It's always good to hear other peoples thoughts anyway!! It gave me something to write about anyway!

      It was fab to meet you on Saturday too! I hope your week is going well :-) xx

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