Monday 12 May 2014

Going under the knife

Plastic surgery.  Unless it's medically required or for very good reasons, it's not really something I am a fan of.  I know I'm not that old yet but I do feel that I'd like to 'grow old gracefully' wrinkles and all.  I have no desire to have my face scrapped up from the floor and pinned behind my ears.  I don't want some crazy scary face peel..

However, there is one thing that I would consider doing.  I have big boobs for my frame.  OK, they aren't crazy, but they are problematic.  Ever since they started growing when I was 10 they have caused me problems.  They were always big for my age and size.  They got me attention I didn't want and couldn't handle at a young age.  At the age of 12 they were a D cup and I had cars beeping their horns at me, men shouting comments across the road.  I don't think they could tell how young I was.  I did what most young girls would do - I tried to cover up so it was all baggy jumpers and shirts for a few years.  That didn't really help my confidence though.  They made me look much bigger than I was and I felt like a huge heifer compared to my skinny friends with their A and B cup breasts and slim frames.

School was no fun.  As the first girl in the class with a bra, boys found it hilarious to try to undo my bra during lessons or trying to ping the bra straps.  Aged 13 I was told by one of the boys in my tutor group that the boys had all discussed during PE one day who they like to think about when masturbating and they almost all agreed on me because "you have huge tits".  I didn't really know what to think about that.  I suppose I took it as a compliment in some respect but the feminist in me is outraged.  Can you imagine a girl saying something like that to a boy?  My breasts were just objects to them.  I wasn't important.  I was just tits on legs.  Something to objectify.

By 15 I had EE cup breasts and had come to terms with them a little.  I had realised that the baggy clothes were doing me no favours so I dressed to compliment my figure.  This brought with it other issues though.  I always looked like I was trying to attract attention and look sexy which I truly wasn't.  Wearing a shirt at school was a huge problem, they always gapped at the button holes.  Whilst on a holiday with my family in Portugal the attention I received was ridicules and embarrassing as I was with my family.  I was truly something to stare at over there as a blonde girl with large breasts.  Men waved at me constantly, came over to me in the street to speak to me whilst I was with my parents.  One man tripped over at the beach because he was so busy staring at my chest.   Worse still (though quite amusing) I was stood outside a supermarket with my brother whilst my parents shopped inside.  A delivery driver was driving along the road near to us and he was so distracted by staring at my chest that he actually didn't see a turn in the road and drove his lorry into a wall.  I kid not.

Attention is not the only problem when you have large breasts.  Buying bras and swimwear to fit them is a costly and difficult experience.  These days it is a lot easier.  Even Asda and Tesco stock bras in my size, and whilst not quite as good as more expensive bras, they are pretty darn good.  As a teen it was impossible to buy anything that fitted me properly.  Eventually I was able to order items in my size in a local department store.

Life changed when I discovered Bravissimo.  It is lovely to be able to buy in my size in lots of different styles and patterns.  However, it is still costly.  If I want decent swimwear that will support me I have to fork out around £60.

So.  Why would I consider going under the knife?  I am no longer objectified in quite the way I was (or at least, if I am, I am not told so!!).  Perhaps pushing a buggy around has helped that.. I'm probably too busy to notice anyway!  I have my pick of the bras these days.  Even the cost isn't as bad as it was?

Well... there are two reasons I would consider it.. and don't worry, I'm not about to say I'd go bigger.  No.  No way in hell!  The surgery I would seriously consider, no truly, would like, would be a breast reduction.  First of all, I get back ache.  Carrying around these boobs is hard work.  Even if I loose weight I have never lost weight on my breasts.  Pregnancy took me in to H cups and breastfeeding in to J cups.  Luckily both times my breasts have gone back to my pre-pregnancy size.  During my adult life I have weighed from 10st 2lb to 8st 5lb and my breasts have remained resolutely a 30-32F.

Secondly.  The fit of my clothes.  You could consider it a small thing, but really, it's something I am faced with every single day.  I always feel I look bigger than I am.  Unless I am wearing a top that is tight then what I am wearing skims down from my boobs and hangs out making me look like I have a tum when I don't.

I would like a nice pair of D cups.  I don't want tiny boobs.  I'd just like to took in proportion.

What is putting me off?  Cost.  I can't afford it.  I could possibly save up.. Perhaps I will!  Also, recovery time.  I know that it takes around 6 weeks before you can lift and right now, there's no way I could look after my children..  So.  It has to wait.  But maybe, just maybe, one day I will have the boobs I'd like!

Is there a plastic surgery you'd consider?  If so, why?

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