Wednesday 14 May 2014

Sour grapes?

Well.. I was feeling down this morning.  I was all ready to write a moapy and moaning blog post about how I was feeling a bit miserable about my blog and some aspects of the blogging community.

Then, whilst I was waiting for Felix to fall asleep at nap time, I noticed I had a tweet from Carolin Mader telling me that I had made her Brit Mums Style Round Up! Honestly, the news couldn't have come at a better time.

Carolin, thank you.  You really have made a difference to my day.  It means to the world to have my blog recognised.  You see, I've been writing this blog for quite a few years now.  I am very proud of it and it has come a long way.  I am thrilled to have regular readers and to have people join in with my weekly linky.  However, I have to admit to some negative feeling.  This is what I was going to write about today, and whilst Carolin has cheered me up, as it's my blog and I can write what I want, I'm going to put some of these thoughts out there.  I hope it doesn't sound too much like sour grapes!

Blogging.  It's a funny numbers game, isn't it!  I always face the award nominations season with trepidation.  On the one hand, it is lovely to receive even one nomination, but I know deep down that as it stands, my blog really has little chance of making it very far in these things.  It may have been that once the MADs and BIBs were a fair place but to me it feel's they aren't really now.  You see, the bigger your blog is, the more chance you have of people nominating you.  Therefore, most (not all) of the blogs you see in the shortlists and finals have big followings.  I know there are exceptions and those are truly wonderful things.  I've seen blogs start small and grow into something wonderful with a very much deserved large following (Capture By Lucy springs to mind) but I also see some of the same blogs in the shortlists each year.  And whilst I am not saying they are bad, I do wonder how some of them get there.  There are so many other more innovative blogs out there with more varied and regular content.  I'm afraid it gets my goat when I see a blog that is updated once a week at maximum with just a small post making it to the finals when I slog my guts out creating new and interesting content for this one.  How do I think they get there?  Well, if they already have a huge audience (perhaps they have won in the past and gained a large audience) then it's simple numbers.  They are more likely to reach the final.

I know... I know.  This does sound like sour grapes.  I am a bit bitter, I'll admit it.  It's just it hurts a little.  I have to keep reminding myself why I started this, why I enjoy this.  I don't think my blog is the best out there.  I don't think it's the worst.  I would like it to get noticed more.  My boys keep me so busy.  I can't be online as much as some bloggers with older children can.  I know that is a factor.

Something else that upsets me a little is how little love my linky Trendy Thursday gets.  I try so hard to get word out there and I love my regular gang who link up, but I'm always keen to grow it.  Last week I discovered another blogger had started a very similar linky and is hosting it on the same day and already she had more people linking up.  I guess she just caught the attention of the right people.  I can't tell someone not to host a linky.  It's a free world, and if my one doesn't go as well, I suppose that's just bad luck.  It's a competitive environment.  It's just I'm a sensitive person and I take these things to heart...

Well, I think I've got my feelings out there.  I hope I don't upset anyone by writing this, but I feel honesty is the best policy.  I'll get my happy hat on for tomorrows #TrendyThursday!  Normal service shall be resumed!!


  1. Don't get disheartened. The blogging community is huge these days. It's a noisy space. You have a loyal following. It does seem as if it's same big names but often names appear out of nowhere and make it in to lists. It's random. & not a reflection of anyone being better than anyone else. Having been nominated this year in the bibs - I can safely say - I don't have a huge audience. My blog is still something I keep separate from real life - I can't ask friends for votes. I hate asking bloggers for votes. How I got where I am - I'm not sure. I've stepped back a lot this year, just because I find it all so competitive. I hope you get your mojo back. And I think you can ask someone to move a similar linky - I know it's been done. You have a wonderful niche and lovely unique content. Who needs mainstream?

    1. Gemma, that's just about the nicest comment I've read in a long time. Thank you for reading and commenting, I do appreciate it, it's just what I needed to hear. Congratulations on your nomination by the way, I was happy to see you there :-)

      You're right - who want's to be mainstream! x

  2. It does seem a bit strange that someone's done a similar linky on the same day. I only noticed it coming to yours, because I don't follow that blog. I'd have a word with them and suggest they link up with yours given it's been around a while - I know Fiona from Coombe Mill did similar when someone else started essentially the same linky as hers - I don't know if the 'copied' one is still going. All I know is that it's hard to get the work out there and get a linky off the ground.

    I have a few regulars who always comment on my blog and vice versa, and I'm in lots of Facebook blogging groups to help with traffic and increase my commenting more. But working full time, it means working on my blog and social media all evening til late to catch up and keep up with where I was before. But other than slightly increased traffic, I'm not seeing the benefit in rankings (because other newer people come in who can spend even more time, or have a really creative linky that drives lots of traffic from pinterest (damn, wish I was creative with recipes and crafts!) so jump ahead. But as long as you enjoy what you're doing, and still have regular readers then that's what's important.

    As for awards. Unfortunately, unless you're an under 1 year old blog, or in a niche area, it's always going to be the bigger blogs that have been around a while who get shortlisted. They're the blog names that get recognised, have unique names that jump into your head when you're voting because you see them everywhere. I don't know about the BIBs but the MADS - if you were nominated in the first place, I'm sure the judging panel also chose a wildcard that wasn't a top nominated - so there's always the chance.

    Mind you, what I hate to see is blogs with really bad grammar, spelling, and hard to read visually, that still have seem to get the attention and sponsorship from brands. If I was a brand I personally wouldn't touch them with a bargepole, but each tot their own.

  3. I completely understand what you mean Alex; I feel exactly the same about the 'same' blogs being nominated year after year. Also, it annoys me that certain brands stick to the same blogs as well. In some ways, it has made me wonder why I bother with my blog. But at the end of the day, I never started my blog to win awards. I started it because I love writing and I wanted to share. I love your blog - it's quirky and unique and very individual and all in a positively fab way! I should comment more, but I do read your blog all the time and I check in at least twice a week! The reason I have never joined in with Trendy Thursday is because I feel like I can't compete! :) You dress your boys so awesomely that I think what I dress Charlie in is boring haha. However, from next week I will be joining in.

    Keep doing what you do and remember why you do it! xx


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