Thursday 15 May 2014

Trendy Thursday - paint your own tshirt!

I've been wanting to get my creative mojo back lately.  I still haven't got into crochet and knitting as much as I'd like to.  It just doesn't come very naturally to me.  I've always been artistic, I love colour, putting things together. I love decorating my home, I think I have a good sense of space and love arranging things.. but wool and I don't seem to get along just yet!

Felix, like most babies, chews EVERYTHING.  Ethan once said to me, "Mummy, Felix likes to chew the world!".  It really stuck with me.  Slogan tees are still so trendy right now, and I thought to myself that "chew the world" would be a great phrase to have on a top for Felix, one that would really mean something to us as a family.. and it wouldn't be too hard to do!

I bought a long sleeved top in a nice bright neon yellow on eBay for about £3 brand new.  I also bought myself some Dylon fabric pens, also from eBay for £4. They both arrived last week and I set about putting my plan in action.

At first, I was thinking of just going with the phrase, but then I decided it would look good with a small image.  I sketched out a few ideas and then I was ready to go.

When using fabric pens, you want the fabric to be clean and dry.  I inserted some card inside the top to stop ink bleeding through and also to make it easier to draw.

The pens were relatively straightforward to use but they did drag a little on the fabric.  I found it got easier as I got more used to them.  Before drawing on the fabric I drew my design on in pencil to save any errors.

Hand painted drawn t shirt Dylon
Design your own t shirt!

It was all very quick and easy.  I just wanted something simple so stuck with just a black penned design.  I like the outcome.  It looks homemade but in a way that's quite "in" at the moment.

I am now planning quite a few different designs for both of my boys.  There are all sorts of funny phrases Ethan comes out with and funny things Felix does.  This is a great way to help remember these things for the future as well, and they will hopefully become special keepsakes for the boys!

Just a little bit of news to share with you - Polarn O Pyret, one of my favourite brands, have a special 20% off EVERYTHING event this weekend.  It starts tomorrow and ends on Sunday.  I love their clothing and find it washes and lasts really really well.  I have PO.P items that have been worn by more than 4 children that are still going well so this is a great chance to buy something for children that you hopefully see worn again by your grandchildren!  Head over to PO.P from tomorrow to grab a bargain.

What have your funky monkeys been rocking this week?  Have you ever made any clothing for your children?  Link up your kids fashion blog posts below.  Don't forget you can tweet me your links using #TrendyThursday.  Please comment here, display my badge and link to my blog in your post and visit others who join in! Thank you! xx


  1. The tee looks so fab! Love it xx

  2. That design looks fabulous! So simple and, as you say, great to remember as it means something to your family. Look forward to seeing more of your designs in the future.

  3. wow I cant believe you made that its fantastic what a talented mummy you are love the post thanks for inviting me to link up see you next week #TrendyThursday

  4. love the design! i love using a sewing machine but im rubbish at making clothes so i often update them by dyeing or changing the buttons for something more funky, may have to try pens next!

  5. The t shirt looks great. I've got some fabric paint (pen style) to do some canvas bags, but I might do a similar thing toy you if I can think of a good phrase.

  6. So in that I expect to see this for sale soon!! :D Though it is cool that he has his own rather unique tshirt made by is mummy! :)


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