Tuesday 20 May 2014

Miszkomaszko - my favourite new find!

You know I love to introduce you to my new finds - it's no secret that I love to shop and especially love exciting creative brands that offer something a little different.  I love to share my finds because it eases my shoppers conscience a little and also, it's good to spread the word!  Well, my most recent find is a real wonder.  I love this brand and I think you will too.

Miszkomaszko is a Polish brand founded by Agata Piechocka.  Agata started making "Flip Dolls" but the brand now includes clothing and accessories for children and women.  She worked in Sweden for several years as a fashion and graphic designer for children.  I think this might be why there's quite a Scandi feel to her designs.

miszkomaszko Medicated Follower of Fashion
Agata at work - image source www.miszkomaszko.com

When I stumble across a Polish brand (such as NoSweet or Zezuzulla) I get quite excited because the boys have Polish heritage.  They have a Polish Great-Grandfather (no longer alive unfortunately) on their father's side.  He came to the UK as a result of the war.  This is why Felix has Jakub as his middle name (it was going to be Wladislaw but we decided it was a bit too tricky for most people to pronounce - it's Vla-di-slav in case you were interested!).  Anyway, I like to buy items from Poland for them, it feels like an important connection.

Miszkomaszko Stokke Xplory

So far, I've just bought one of Agata's gorgeous flip dolls.  It's so lovely though, I'm lusting after her clothing.  Perhaps some tops for the boys, I particularly love the mermaid print!  I'm also very excited about her women's clothing - she mentioned on Instagram the other day that new women's clothing would be available soon!  As I've mentioned Instagram, it's well worth following Miszkomaszko on there.  Lovely pics and a good way to keep up to date.


I hope you love the brand as much as I do!  Go take a look now :-) Go on!!

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