Thursday 22 May 2014

Trendy Thursday - Polarn O Pyret for Summer!

Last week saw a very special Polarn O Pyret offer weekend.  These only happen once or twice a year.  I must admit that I did take advantage of the offer to get Felix a sun hat now the weather has improved.  Only £7 and free postage.  Bargain!

Polarn O Pyret are one of our favourite brands in the Medicated Follower household and we are very lucky to be sent clothing from them from time to time.  This week Ethan received some gorgeous items from their Summer 2014 collection:

"PO.P's new collection takes you on an exotic safari adventure with distinctive fruits, flowers and playful animal characters.  Get ready for summer! With children's clothes made for play and made to last!"

A good description I'd say, PO.P!

Ethan was sent some cute shorts and an adorable tshirt.  The tshirt is my favourite.  I love the print, it's very summery (a surfing monkey!) and cute, but in a way that a 4/5 year old will happily wear.  In fact, I'd say he'll be wearing this for a few years.  PO.P clothing comes up quite big on my boys generally.  The clothes Ethan has been sent are age 3-4 but they fit him with room to grow (he's 5 in July).  I'm so happy it's half term next week, I think Ethan will be wearing this outfit at least once!

Polarn O Pyret Summer 2014

Polarn O Pyret Summer 2014

PO.P now have a new offer on - 3 for 2 on shorts and T Shirts with free postage.  Another great offer which I have to say I have taken advantage of!!  I bought 3 T Shirts for the boys, one for Ethan to wear this summer, one for Felix to wear this summer and one for Ethan to wear next year.

Polarn O Pyret Summer 2014

Don't forget that if you've never ordered from PO.P before that as a reader of my blog you can get a special discount on your first order - just click on the ad on the right hand side of my blog!  It's the perfect time to do so because this offer and the voucher code you'll receive can be used together - double bargain!

Right, over to you lot - what have your trendy smalls been rocking?  Link up below, comment here and visit others who join!


  1. We're a big fan of PO.P dungarees but with the offer you've just shared I'm off to see if we can find something more summery!

  2. Ahh I love POP and I think it was you that got me into them :) I'll try to link up this weekend xx

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