Tuesday 13 May 2014

Where has my Mummy style gone?

I don't seem to have done very much blogging about my style and clothes lately.  Of course, it's not that I haven't been bothering with what I wear, I have.  I still plan my outfits the day before (after checking the forecast of course!!) and I still like wearing lovely bright colours and patterns and putting my make up on.  For some reason though, the blog has been more about the boys and the house over the last few weeks....

So.. time for a long over due post on what I've been wearing!

It was my birthday last week and I treated myself to some new footwear - some shoes I've been lusting over for many months now.  With summer around the corner (I hope!) these were the perfect new purchases, some Saltwater Sandals and some Sunjellies! Yay!

Sunsan Saltwater Sandals Sunjellies
Sun-san Saltwater Sandals and Sunjellies
I'm enjoying wearing both pairs.  They are very comfy and don't need wearing in either (well, not for me).  If you do find them uncomfortable, Sun-San recommend wetting your Saltwaters and then wearing them so they mould to your feet.

Clothing wise, I've picked up some really fantastic items in Asda lately.  Their range improves constantly and gets updated on what seems like a weekly basis, sometimes even more frequently! It's really hard not to pick something up when I pop in there, especially as it's close to Ethan's school and we're always in need of more milk or bananas.

George at Asda, Supermarket Clothes, Fashion Bloggers, Style
George at Asda
The denim pinafore was a total impulse buy.  There was just one there in my size, it was hanging all by itself in amongst some other dresses and it just jumped into my basket. Ehem.  Anyway, I'm glad I got it, it's really cute!

The cherry blossom dress I bought online and I love it.  The print and material are really pretty.  It's quite short but is fine with tights and looks best worn with a thick waist belt.

I'm going to link up with Momma In FlipFlops for Real Mom Style and Transatlantic Blonde for What I Wore Wednesday.


  1. loving the cherry blossom dress, we have an Asda opening near us soon, hope they have a clothes department, as a student im on a tight budget but seems they have great stuff :)

  2. I still have memories of jellies giving me sweaty feet and blisters as a kid!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  3. Love jellies and saltwaters - so much. Great style Mrs.


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