Friday 13 April 2012

FRIDAY FASHION: Premium V Primark

I've just been upstairs taking a few photos of mine and Ethan's wardrobes, draws etc.. just to document what we both have really (answer?  A LOT!).  In a wardrobe-off, Ethan's collection would beat mine hands down, especially if you take into account all of the clothes he has worn and grown out of, his current collection and the stockpile for the future.  I'm amazed that the loft hasn't caved in actually...

Anyway, whilst I was up there, I realised that I do have quite a decent selection of jeans.  That's not to say I wouldn't buy another pair any-time soon.. of course I would!! I am a total sucker for skinny jeans. They suit my height and size well.. and there are so many lovely coloured ones out there. I just can't resist.

I ended up taking every pair of jeans I have out and taking photos of them - I thought I'd share them here.

So.. please behold my delicious denim for your delectation!

So.. that's 15 pairs.  There's a pair in the wash and a couple of pairs in the back of the wardrobe that are too big for me so I didn't photograph them.. and this is all after a big cull a few months ago - I sold/donated about 6 pairs I no longer wore/fitted.

That's quite a lot I think?  Or maybe it's not.. I know many of us women hoard our clothes and shoes.  After-all, there are all those stats in the news about how many bras and pairs of shoes the average women owns but doesn't actually wear.  I have to say though that I wear all of these.  Anything I don't wear gets culled pretty regularly.  The same goes for all of my clothes.  And let me assure you that none of my bras go unworn!  I'm hot on that.. I don't buy the wrong size!

Anway, whilst looking at my jeans, it got me thinking.  Most of my jeans are cheap to middle of the road. I have loads of Primark jeans. They are £8, come in lots of colours and generally last well.  Great for a Mum who doesn't have a big budget but still wants to look trendy and have lots to choose from.  I also have several pairs of New Look jeans and about 5 pairs are from Topshop.  I quite like Topshop for jeans. In fact, being nearly 30, it's about the only thing I would buy from that shop these days... (eeek).  My most recent denim indulgence was the orange pair which are from H&M.  I'm very fond of these.  They are comfy and bright.  Good value for money as well at £14.

The sharper among you may have noticed one pair sticking out though.  Did you notice the label?  Yes, I have a pair of J Brand jeans in there.  They set me back £150.  I bought them last year when I'd made some money selling things on eBay.  I thought I would go wild and treat myself to something indulgent.  Something I couldn't buy on a regular basis.  I'd heard a lot of fuss about J Brand.  From what I'd heard they were the new 7forallmankind... and all the stars were wearing them (not that I'm actually interested in what most celebs are wearing).  I thought what the heck.

They do make my butt look quite good... but £150 good?
Want to know what I really think though?  At first I really really loved them.  They are a nice cut and they fit me well.  A good length and just right around the middle (which considering I guessed my size when ordering them from ASOS was lucky!).  I have a complaint though.  After wearing them a few times they started to get saggy.  And they are wearing away around the knees!! I know as a Mum I spend more time than an average non-Mummy on my knees (no, I do NOT mean that in a dirty way, stop it!) but apart from a black pair from Primark (which are considerably older than these!) I don't have this problem with any of my other jeans... we all know how black jeans loose their dye as well..  I'm really surprised by this.  Considering that the J Brand pair cost me £142 more than the Primark pair at £8 I thought that they would be excellent.

No one ever notices or comments on the fact that I'm wearing a pair of J Brand jeans.  The logo is only on the label on the inside anyway, so how the heck would they know?  Would I spend this much on jeans again?  No, I don't think so.  Maybe if I were a millionaire maybe with more money than sense.  There is no way the extra cost is justified.  I know it's a label thing.  You're paying for the name.  You're paying to be able to say "this old pair of jeans?  Why they're J Brand my friend! Now, kiss my feet!".

Trying on the H&M pair in the changing room.. wish I'd bought the top as well now!

Nope.. I think from now on I'm going to be sticking with my Primarni.  I think I may even tweet J Brand as well and tell them just what I think about their rip-off jeans!


  1. wow thats a lot of jeans, lush colours too! im envious, i need more clothes. i love the coat in the image above too!

    1. Thank you! The coat is a Boden one - treated myself to it last year!

      I am addicted to coloured jeans, I really am!

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. I will comment longer, but I just have to say I LOVE PRIMARK!!! Have jeans that are well over a year old and still going.

    1. The quality of their jeans is brilliant.. not so sure about all the other stuff, but the jeans are great.. xx

  3. I totally agree with you. I have a pair of J Brand and they are okay but not wow in any way. Most of my jeans are H&M because the cut suits me, plus that way I can have many more pairs - win-win!

    1. That's interesting, I'm glad itsr not just me who finds them to be nothing special. I'm with you. Buy cheaper and get more for your money! X

  4. im a cheaper jeans kinda gal too and have thought of dabbling with expensive brands but never do. great review though as i think i will steer clear now. i actually just bught a lot of tesco coloured jeans and they are fab. i love jeans with stretch, gotta have it with kids lol!! :)xx

    1. Ooo, Tesco jeans you say! I would never have thought of looking there! They are good I take it? My local one doesn't do clothes, but I presume they have them online? Not that I need more, as is quite clearly illustrated above LOL!! But still.. I'm a gal in love with coloured jeans! Glad you enjoyed reading, and glad it's steered you away from the pricey brands.. I really don't think they're worth it. Strangely J Brand never replied to my tweet about their dubious quality!! Thank you for commenting! x

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