Sunday 1 April 2012

The "Love Food" Spring Festival

This morning we all woke up in Bristol due to staying over at my brother's flat the night before.  We like to do this when we can.  It's always lovely to stay with my brother and his girlfriend Leni.  Ethan adores spending time with them.. it's nice for us to experience a bit of city life as well.  Things are a bit quieter in our town!  It's good to wake up somewhere different for a change... it shakes up your normal routine and frees up your mind so you feel like trying something on the spur of the moment!  Today such an opportunity presented itself; The Love Food Spring Festival.  It was being held at Temple Meads in Bristol, and was an easy train ride from my brother's flat - a fun activity in itself for Ethan!

We started off the morning with a quick visit to the local park before catching the train.  That means a good 15 minutes on the swing for Ethan!  Thankfully we could all take turns in pushing...  Somehow I didn't get a picture of that... oh yes, that's because I was on a swing myself!!  I did get a few snaps of other parts of the playground though..

Some good playground fun!  After that, we caught the train and arrived at our destination hungry to see what would be on offer.

We had to pay £2.50 each to gain entrance (although Ethan was free) which I feel is about average for these kinds of events.  There was a fair bit to look at inside, although I would happily have enjoyed more stalls to look around.  There were quite a few small samples to enjoy, my favourites being the chocolate, fudge and olive sellers.  Yum!  We all enjoyed some food.  Pete had a burito, I had a chorizo and cheese roll, Phil and Leni had steak and ale pies.  Ethan had a bit of what we were eating!  We were all very impressed with our eats!

Most of all, we enjoyed the activities provided for children.  Free apart from a few things (such as the face painting - we were going to get Ethan's face painted but there was a queue and we didn't think he'd put up with waiting too long) we filled a good deal of time in this area.  In particular we enjoyed dressing up, making a ribbon skirt and playing with duplo!

After all this hard work... we enjoyed some HUGE and gorgeous cupcakes:

As you can see, Ethan was pretty blissed out!!

After a coffee we caught the train back and made our car journey out of Bristol and Ethan quickly fell asleep.. exhausted after a good day out!  If you get a chance to check out a Love Food Spring Festival, I would recommend it.  Very child friendly, a great way to support local business and a lovely way to try new food!!


  1. Glad you enjoyed the kids area- we had great fun running it. It was very popular- great to provide free activities at an event with so many young children. I think I remember your briliant duplo construction!
    Great photos- would you mind if I used one or two?

    1. Do you? Hehe.. Yes, I don't mind if you want to use some of the pics, that's fine with me! We really did have fun :)

  2. Replies
    1. They were yum. The truffle on mine was lovely and the icing gorgeous..


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