Tuesday 3 April 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Potty Training Fashion

*shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh* we've been starting to think about potty training due to this recent spate of good weather (bye bye sunshine...).  I'm keeping it pretty quiet because I keep changing my mind about how committed we are to it at the moment.. but that's for another blog post.  This one is about the fashions Ethan's been rocking to make it easy for him to use the potty at speed.

Obviously, not having pants and trousers to pull down makes it easier to get on that potty quickly, so Ethan has been going around with his behind exposed.  Only at home of course!  He doesn't want to get cold though...  Babylegs leg warmers have come in very handy.  This is what Ethan was wearing in the sunshine.

Towelling beach/pool cover-up - Mitty James
Leg warmers - Babylegs
Stupidly massive beach ball - Waitrose

If you'd like to see what all the other trendy toddlers are wearing this week, head on over to Very Busy Mama and take a look at the links!


  1. Love the leg warmers. Will have to remember them for when im potty training. :)

  2. They really do come in handy! Hugalugs are also fab..

  3. I love Babylegs legwarmers - so cute!
    Visiting from Trendy Toddler Tuesday.

    1. Hi Kerri - thanks for popping by and commenting :) They are cute aren't they! x

  4. Ahahahahahaha, this his hilarious and brilliant all at once! I can't believe you have baby leg warmers, but they are just perfect your your PT cause. By the way, be strong, it's not easy, but we all get there in the end. And to answer your question, I've been busy, pulling all nighters getting some of my work done and hoping Little M can go to nursery 3 days a week soon. Oh and, I am a big fan of the striped hoodie. Yah!

    1. Hehe... I know! I love and swear by them though. Ethan has worn them since being tiny... like weeks old. The exact same pairs (he has several pairs.. 4 I think!) and they are so versatile. A great way to add an extra layer under trousers when it's cold.. great in the summer when they don't want to wear much but have a little something on their legs!

      We have been sticking with the potty training, or potty learning as my friend calls it.. It's improved a lot in the last 3 days or so. He will only poop in his pants though. Wees are OK though. Apparently this is quite normal.

      All nighters? Hardcore!! Mind you.. I often end up blogging til past 1:30am. It's easily done!! 3 days a week for Little M will be good.. give you more time!! Ethan starts at pre-school in September, but only got 3 lots of 3 hour sessions booked up. They schools around here are totally over subscribed so this is the most I can get even though his name has been down since Jan 2011.


  5. looking so cute! Babylegs in legwarmers I like this post


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