Friday, 20 April 2012

Friday Fashion - Wearing kids clothes.. yourself!

Sometimes, being small has it's advantage.  I'm not quite 5'2 and I'm a size 8-10 so lots of clothes swamp me.  Especially trousers.. It's not so bad these days, lots of shops have cottoned on to the fact we're not all one size and offer many more trouser lengths, but many years ago I used to buy my trousers in the teen sections of shops.  It has it's advantages - children's clothes are usually a bit cheaper!

These days, trousers in the women's section are usually fine for me if I can get a short length.. Also, fashion doesn't frown at turn ups at the moment!! However, I do still sometimes peruse the teen section and come up trumps.  Especially in sales!!

I have several dresses which are "children's" but this is my favourite one.  I got it in a New Look sale a couple of years ago.  I saw it poking out of the sale rail and fell in love with the print.  I looked at the label and saw it said "age 12".  I wondered if I could fit into it as I loved the print so much (flags and sales) so took it to the changing room.  It fitted fine!  I snapped it up for £4.  Bargain.  I wear it all the time, all seasons.  It always makes me smile and hubby loves it too!

Yellow tights - Primark
Crochet tights - New Look
Dress - New Look
Vests (under dress) - H&M
Cardigan - New Look
Earrings - made by me
Boots - Sugar Boots

Before I sign off, I'll just cheekily mention that today is the last day nominations can be made for the MAD Blog Awards.  If you have some spare time, or you're doing your nominations today, please could you consider my blog for the Fashion/Style category?  If you enjoy it that is... cheekiness over now!!  And if you have already nominated me, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! XXX


  1. you look fab! im at the opposite end, quite tall so some shops trousers are way to short :( greatful for the taller ranged now, even tho there more expensive :( x

    1. Thank you! It's tricky being one end or the other.. who are these in the middle people I wonder? Damn them... ;-D Yes, at least these days shops are cottoning on to the fact that women actually vary in height a fair bit! x

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  3. CUUUUUUUUUUUTE! **Whistling** And enjoy the fact you can wear kids clothes! :) xo

    1. *blushing* why thank you! Now.. I can't wear all kids clothes.. I'm not about to squeeze into one of Ethan's old onesies.. though I can nearly fit in his grobag.. LOL! x

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