Tuesday 10 April 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Easter Sunday Smart

So... that's Easter over for another year... Lots of chocolate has been consumed by Ethan recently.. not least because of the chocolate buttons used as potty training bribes!!  Ethan did very well with chocolate over Easter with eggs from both sets of Grandparents and an egg hunt set up by my lovely friend Tessa.  We now have a big biscuit tin full of chocs!

Easter Sunday is always a good occasion to dress up smart, so I did just that for Ethan.  As I mentioned yesterday, we had a day out at Dyrham Park and I thought I may be a little silly dressing up in his smart clothes when we are a) potty training and b) out for the entire day.  Then I thought... what the heck.  He's nearly three... wearing smart clothes is always going to come with a risk attached!!

Some of the clothes featured for this weeks TTT have been shown before, I'm sure, but there are a few new and unseen additions.  On to the photos:

Shirt - H&M
Waistcoat - George at Asda 
3/4 length shorts - Faith B.C. from TK Maxx

Grandma's Easter Cake, complete with a collection of "Easter" animals.. very yummy!

Need a break after lunch?  Chill in your buggy for a bit, all wrapped up.

Coat- Smafolk (bought at Bebaboo.com)
Flat cap - H&M
Scarf - crocheted by one of our librarians! 

After a long day... he still has time to run around like a mad thing whilst I try to take photos...

A flash of the pants - these are BrightBots training pants and they are totally brilliant... more on them another day!
Gruffalo vest - Their Nibs
You can see the logo for Faith B.C. a little bit here... I can't find any info on them... anyone out there know anything about them?  Are they a UK brand?  European?  American?  I can't seem to find anything online... TKMaxx is so random, you never know what you'll find there!

So.. there we have it for this week!  I really loved this outfit.  Ethan was comfortable in it all day long.  I was worried these trousers would be restrictive when it came to getting him on the potty, but they were fine.  They are also very hard wearing!!  Despite sitting in dirt all day long and rolling around with sticks they still looked very smart at the end of the day.

Please go and see what all the other trendies are rocking over with Very Busy Mama and thank you for reading. 



  1. ooh he looks super smart! Love the Gruffalo vest to :) x

  2. I love the vest! Happy Toddler Tuesday!

  3. oooh, you had me hooked at that waist coat! And it's only pee and poop, who cares! Hahaha, it can be washed. The striped wellies had a perfect touch :)


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