Tuesday 17 April 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Rainwear

This week for TTT I'm focussing on rainwear.  I know the weather hasn't been too bad recently (not as good as it was a few weeks back though!).  Still.. something I've found since Ethan started walking was that it is very worthwhile investing in some rain gear.  More than a coat.  Trousers or a romper type style coverall is a very good investment!

There are quite a few out there to choose from.  I bought some at Lidl a while back for little more than £5.  They are plain blue, not very exciting, but do the job perfectly well.  They live at my parents house - Ethan spends a great deal of time in their garden making mud pies.  Rain or shine, December or July, he wants to be outside and get muddy.

You know I like to be trendy though, and have something a little funky and unusual for Ethan to wear, so when it comes to the rain wear he has at our house, he has something a bit more eye catching.

Last year I spotted this little number on one of my favourite websites for children's clothes, bebaboo.com I just had to get it.

Rompers - Smafolk
Coat (underneath) - TKMaxx
Hat - A gift from Father Christmas at the Library!!

As you can see above, we have the matching jacket/coat that goes with it.  I can't recommend this set enough.  They are funky and eye-catching, but very practical.  I've washed them loads of times and they wash very well.  They are waterproof and lightweight (which is good, you can pack loads of layers underneath).  Ethan loves his "apples" set!  Smafolk are one of my favourite brands.

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  1. wow i love the apples set!! harry would love it, as hes such a out doorsy boy, loves getting messy in the garden, and for walks down the river with his grandparents. this would be perfect x

    1. Honestly, these sets are a God send! So handy for the garden or walks! X

  2. OOh I love SMAfolk. :) Great outfit xx, he looks cute as always x

    1. Smafolk rock. I adore them. And thank you :) x

  3. I think the trousers are a great rainwear idea! Visiting from Trendy Toddler!


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