Wednesday 4 April 2012


I know now why it's called a potty.. because it drives you potty.  I'm not entirely sure why I started potty training Ethan last Friday.  The good weather? The fact he had started asking to do his pooes in his potty (admittedly inside his wardrobe). Whatever it was, I started..

How does one know whether to stop or whether to keep at it? We still have at least one or two accidents a day and ironically he now refuses to use the potty for a poo.  Instead, he chooses to shit on the living room floor and walk through it, leaving disgusting footprints in his wake.  Is this normal?  Almost all my Mummy friends seem to be having poo-issues.  Is it something that resolves itself in time, or is there something I'm doing wrong?  For God's sake, even making up a song about pooing in the potty and offering a packet of chocolate buttons and a lolly if he does it hasn't worked...

If you were to ask me what I'm enjoying the most with regards to potty training, I would have to say that it's spending every day trapped at home with a half naked toddler who insists on relishing in the fact he has easy access to his bits.  Relishing you say? Let me be more clear.  I mean playing with himself and shoving his naked behind in my face so he can fart right up my nose.

Yes.. this is an experience I will treasure for years to come.

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