Monday 30 January 2012

90 words, 90 bloggers...

I am lucky not to have known cancer directly in my family and friends, but like everyone, I am more than aware of it.  Only a few months ago a friend's Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Luckily, it was caught in the early stages and it seems so far that treatment has been effective.  Which is great.  That's what we want.

My blogging buddy Snoo and Me asked me if I'd heard of the blogging campaign Kate On Thin Ice is running.  She is trying to get 90 bloggers to get 90 words about an important woman in their life to raise awareness of breast cancer and Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  This is an evil illness which affects so many lives that of course I want to get involved and do what I can.

Men - breast cancer can affect you too!  It's not just us ladies.  Whoever you are, remember TLC (and I don't mean the group!) Touch.  Look. Check.

For my 90 words, I am going to write about my Mum.  Obvious it may be, but my Mum is the most influential and important woman in my life, I'm sure!

Mum.  Always working hard, always doing the best she can for me, my brother, all her family and friends.  She was diagnosed with MS in 2004.  It was such a shock.  It meant she had to stop working (a bit issue for someone like her, with her own business).  Despite that, despite the horrible affects of her illness, she has kept on smiling.  Since having Ethan she has been a lifesaver for me, most of all in the early days when we moved in with her and Dad.  She ROCKS.

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