Tuesday 31 January 2012

Defining moments of my day...

Defining moments of my day.. the joy of parenthood!

1) Scrabbling around the house like a deranged dog sniffing out a squirrel in an attempt to gather enough change to pay for playgroup.  I had to empty my son's piggy bank for God's sake.  Well, at least it was being spent on him (though I have a feeling the money goes more towards the lovely filter coffee they brew and cakes than on anything else...).  It was a proud moment, me on the floor of Ethan's bedroom, swearing at the piggy bank, breaking my nails to get out a few 50p's...

2) Ethan announcing loudly on the way out of playgroup.  "I have done a poo poo.  My nappy is VERY smelly".  Thank you... you didn't really need to announce it - everyone COULD SMELL IT!

3) Wondering for the 50,000 time WHY, OH WHY did we buy two sofas with freaking UN WASHABLE COVERS?!  I was pregnant when we bought them.. somehow, SOMEHOW, we should have known this was a stupid thing to do.  Oh, the naivety of those without children.  I love the sofas.  They are big, comfy and red.  Fab focal points in the living room.  But, how, oh how, I would love to be able to strip them of their covers and sling them in the washing machine.  In stead we have something called a "stain resistant coating" which DOES NOT WORK.  The other wonderful bonus of this "stain resistant coating" is that if you bung it in the wash it will turn into some sort of mushy gel which would render the covers useless and probably break your washing machine into the bargain.  Not something I am going to try.  Which is why at present I have a towel, heated up wheat bag and the entire hardback anniversary addition of Calvin and Hobbes on top of one of my sofa covers in an attempt to dry out a stain without leaving a water mark behind.  Why did we let Ethan drink on the sofa?  I need a bulk load of throws...

4) Overheard from the bathroom just now:
Ethan "there's poo on my towel, Daddy!"
Daddy "Is there?  Where?  I can see a pea..."
Ethan "Yes, the pea is from my bum bum, Daddy"
Daddy "How did it get there?"
Ethan "I threw it out of the bath, my poo poo... I threw it"  "There is poo poo floating in the bath"
Daddy "Oh.  Oh yes.  Oh There is loads of it!"

*jumps out of bath*

I'm glad it wasn't my turn to share the bath with Ethan tonight!

What joys did your day involve?


  1. Thank-you for making me laugh out loud! Im glad with my new sofa I dont have that problem anymore. My covers are supposedly non washable (in the machine) but I thought 'to hell with it' and did it anyway, as it is they are fine (ish) lol x

  2. I'm glad I made you laugh! I am far too scared to risk putting our covers in the machine. It's not a mistake I'll be making again, as and when we decide we need to buy more sofas (as they cost us the best part of £1500 it won't be for a loooooooooooooooooong time). x


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