Monday 9 January 2012

Suck it up baby!

My life is going to change! Drastically!! We FINALLY got a hand held vac. Hurray! I've been after one for years now. Since Ethan came along there is a lot more mess. It just follows children around. Snacks, meal times, disintegrating nappies (yes, that does happen, especially if, like us, you try and eke out as many hours wear as you possibly can out of one nappy. Those little gel crystals are amazing but are a real bugger to clean up if a nappy collapses! They are like little bean bag beans of pee), mud, gravel... the list is endless. If you have followed my blog for a while or know me in The Real World TM. then you'll know that I am a tidy freak. I am forever going around picking up tiny specks of dirt or fluff from the floors in our house. This vac is going to make my life so much easier! Ethan eats at the living room table which is on carpet. I always put some oil cloth material on the floor underneath where he eats but crumbs still get around. All I'll have to do now is grab my handy little vac and they will be gone. I seriously cannot express how excited I am!

How sad this is... These days it's all about what makes your life easier though. And just think how handy it's going to be for the car!! I'm tempted to go out there now and whiz it around the foot-wells.. but it's 10PM and it's pitch black out there.. so maybe not. I'm not that excited. Plus I have popcorn to eat.

Want to see a pic of my new BFF?

There she is. A thing of beauty, non? Gator! Sounds like she means business... I'm going to snap up your crumbs! Om nom nom....

Err... OK. I have problems. I am a sucker for anything sucky!

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