Thursday 26 January 2012

I'll show you mine...

Hidy-ho gang! Here I am for week two of "I'll show you mine..." my new meme. I was really pleased with how last week went. I had one entry from Mum of One who was happy to flash her fridge at the world. It was lovely to receive a positive response and meet a whole host of bloggers I'd not met before. Let's ramp it up this week, shall we? If I get two bloggers joining in I will be grinning like... well, a mad thing!

So... drum roll...... this week I am showing you my... HANDBAG! If there are any male bloggers reading who wish to join in, please do! You can show off your man bag - I know you have one! Don't be shy!

My handbag is my pride and joy. I am not joking. I love it like my second child. I may even take insurance out on it. To me at least, it is an object of desire and beauty. Soft to the touch, comfortable to wear, practical and gorgeous to boot. I don't mean it's gorgeous to boot with a foot, over a goalpost like a rugby player. No. GET THAT IMAGE OUT OF YOUR HEAD NOW! IF YOU ATTEMPT TO KICK MY BAG I WILL KICK YOU IN THE FOOF.

Ehem. Let me introduce you to MY BEAUTY.

*sigh* Marc Jacobs baby. Soft brown leather. Sometimes I hump it.

Look at the detail.. like heaven isn't it! So buttery you could spread it on toast and beat "I can't believe it's not butter" into the corner.

Just to up the nosey-ness factor, here are the current contents. Cath Kidston coin purse in which I keep... credit cards! My Biiiiiiiig purse holds the money. Jewllery and watch. Lippy. iPod. Mittens. Gloves. Half eaten packet of buttons (Ethan's, honestly!). Antibac hand gel. Nail files. Tissues. Plasters. Chewing gum. Hand cream.

There we go!! Please don't forget that if you do join in, comment below or tweet me so I know and can come and have a nosey. Please also don't forget to link back to my blog in your post, it's very much appreciated! You can pinch my button below if you wish to attach it to your blog.

Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to your posts!


  1. This is a fab meme i'll be sure tweet later when i get second to complete'll be interesting to say the least haha..look out for me @cupcakemumma :)

  2. Ooo sounds good cupcakeMumma I'll look forward to that! X

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  4. Thank you to those who joined in today!

  5. ohhh ur bag matches my tattoos (im not a circus lady, honest but i have pretty pictures on me!) love the cath kidson stuff and couldnt help notice the pretty radio :)

  6. This bag is gorgeous!! Do you still do this meme because I really want to play too :)


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