Saturday 14 January 2012

Why I love Moccis (good customer service goes a long way!)

I've posted about Moccis before.. (here) . Since I discovered them I've had two pairs, Pete has had two pairs and so has Ethan. They are pricey, but we are usually able to make them last a year so I don't feel it's too much to spend on something you wear every day for a year or so. Plus, they really are the comfiest and safest slippers I've worn (if you've ever slipped up or downstairs in 'slippers' then you'll know what I mean about most types of slippers not being all that safe to wear!).

Now, I have to admit that Ethan currently has a pair of Moccis style slippers from H&M, reason being that his feet grow very fast and I can't afford to pay loads for his slippers. However, once his feet have slowed their growth down a bit I will happily go back to buying from Moccis due to their quality and the amount of choice they have.

I very recently had the opportunity to test the customer service of Moccis. My most recent pair, bought in September 2011 had started to look far more worn than I would have expected. In fact, the leather had split and I could tell that I was going to be in a position to have to replace them far more quickly than I would like to! I visited the Moccis website and contacted them via their 'contact us' page. I explained when I had bought them and how disappointed I was with the quality on this occasion (previous pairs have not done this). I received a personal response in only a few hours:

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your e-mail.

I’m so sorry to hear this! It is not supposed to happen, and I understand your concerns! If it would be OK with you, I would be really happy if you could send these back to us. This so that we can forward them to our factory in Sweden for them to inspect them and see what has gone wrong in production.

Would you be able to do that? Again, I’m so sorry as the quality should be equal on each and every Moccis!

Of course we will also send you a new pair of Moccis to replace these ones. Please let me know your size and choice of design, and the address where to send them, and I will arrange this ASAP.

I was extremely impressed to hear back from them so quickly, and a personal response as well, not a "thank you for your query we will respond to you in the next 24-48 hours" type reply. I was also very happy with the suggestion of a replacement, but also happy enough to send them my faulty pair. They are a business after all and no doubt want to eliminate the possibly of someone trying to blag freebies! I replied quickly saying I was happy to do as requested and posted off my faulty pair receiving a replacement the very next day. Not only a replacement, but I was able to choose a new design (in the months that had passed since my faulty pair had been ordered they had extended the selection of adult Moccis and I was told I could choose any design for my replacement pair!).

I really couldn't be more happy with the customer service at Moccis. Not only do I love their product, their excellent customer service has ensured my future business. Good business sence there Moccis!! There are lot of companies out there that would do well to take a leaf out of your book.. As a result I will continue to buy from you and recommend you to friends and family and anyone reading my blog! I think the only thing they could have done to improve my experience further would have been a freepost label/envelope sent out to me to send back my faulty pair in but that would only be an added bonus really, because let's be honest, they could have told me "tough luck, you've probably been skateboarding in them..." or something similar!!! It cost me less than £2 to send back the faulty pair and now I have brand new ones!

Well done Moccis. Thank you for keeping my feet and my heart warm (especially when it's -3 outside!).

You can buy Moccis here.


  1. Hi,

    I am very curious how the "bad" Moccis looked like when you had them replaced.

    You didn't by any chance take any pictures of the broken ones, did you? If so, would it be OK for you to mail them for a comparison?



    1. Hi Tom,

      I meant to take a photo of them, but totally forgot until I'd wrapped and sealed them to be sent back... so I can't post a pic I'm afraid. Wish I could. They are now back with Moccis for testing...


    2. No problem Alex, was just curious.

      Apart from selling these kind of moccasins in my own company (and we've also had some bad ones too...) I'm also a keen collector.
      The collection itself has grown very big over the years and to minimize the result of having doubles and triples of everything I'm sending the "leftovers" to a former girlfriend in Russia who aids homeless children. They have become very popular footwear I can promise.

      We send them regardless of their state and condition. They have lots of Babusjkas (grandma's) who repairs and make them nice for the kids.

      Larger sizes are always missing, so don't throw away, send them to us instead and we'll make use for them.



  2. It is nice to know that Mocci is reaching out to their customers. As it is the most important factor in building a strong connection and establishing trust between the company and the client. This attitude encompasses the willingness of the company to help and serve their customers rightfully.


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