Friday 20 January 2012

Dawn of the HouseWifi..

So, after chatting away on twitter and live chats with other Mummy bloggers yesterday, my addiction to blogging has grown even more... Rather like Snoo and Me and self confessed Mousewife Sarah Miles I am blogging today about how we are all getting rather obsessed with checking our stats and thinking about our blog posts day and night... in fact, earlier this week I was up at 2am with Ethan who was ill and just couldn't get something out of my head. That's when my Tumblr blog comes in really handy. That one is great for quick thoughts and Ethan's outfit of the day posts. If you like you can check that one out here.

I woke in the night (after a dream in which the world ended which was actually quite upsetting because I didn't know where Ethan was in my dream.. woe!) and after I'd got over the dream (and the imagined dog I'd seen standing over me when I woke!!) I couldn't help but think about blogging.... What I was going to write about today, over the weekend, what blog posts I need to write and schedule and what meme's I want to join in with (I'm thinking Trendy Toddler Tuesday over at Mummy's Busy World) Anyway, my mind was buzzing. It's not the first time I've had this problem. For a while now I've kept a notepad on hand at all times in which I can write down blog ideas and sometimes entire blog posts so I can write them up later! My hubby Pete felt bad for me writing in some boring notepad so for Christmas he got me this gorgeous little number in which all my blog ideas go:

That's where the magic happens baby!

What do you, all my fellow bloggers do, when you have your blog ideas? Do you have a notebook, or keep notes in your phones? I wonder if there are any bloggers out there using dictaphones?! (I used to love those things. When I was about 8 I used to "host" my own radio show which I recorded onto dictaphone tapes. It was called Diary and when that got "successful" (in my head that is) I started a second radio show called "Dare the Devil" in which I conducted interviews with made up celebs whilst on roller skates dancing to Hot Chocolate..) sorry, I digress.

So, yes, there are loads of us Mummy bloggers out there as I type, desperately trying to conduct their bloglives whilst not entirely neglecting their children but perhaps not being 100% attentive as they might. Serious though that may sound, let's not beat each other up. It's really not for that long, they are only watching a bit of Cbeebies (or in Ethan's case, Uki on the iPad). I'm sure we'll make it up to them later. Personally we're going to have a warming lunch of jacket spuds and chilli then we'll read some books and go out this afternoon. Probably to a park. Or maybe soft play. I'll make it up to him... I will ;-D*

I'd better go, Ethan's about to stand on the dining room table with the iPad.. we can't afford to replace that!

*No, please, let's not make this about guilt tripping parents, we do it to ourselves enough anyway, and Sarah, I'm so with you on stamping on that baby book!!


  1. Oooh! A Cath Kidston mug and a kitkat chunky - you're my kinda gal!


  2. Hehe Sarah! I love that mug because it's HE-UUUU-OUGE and I can fit masses of coffee in it. And a kitkat chunky.. oh they are just so yum. Like a childhood fantasy come true!

    I have that sticky note thing on my laptop as well AM, it's very handy for those sorts of things - and thank you for having me on yours!



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