Thursday 19 January 2012

I'll show you mine... (new Meme)

So.. I've been trying to decide on a meme to join in with when literally just now in the kitchen I had an idea! I could make up my own one!

Here's the idea - I'm going to call it "I'll show you mine..." and host it every Thursday. The idea is that I'll show you a photo, or a few photos of something belonging to me and then you show yours on your blog, mentioning the meme and my blog in the body of your post so people know where it came from - but don't forget to comment on my blog so I know that you've joined in and so we can all have a good nosey at each others "things" (I mean me specifically, I want to CHECK YOU OUT BABY!).

It'd be lovely if this takes off.. I'll have to think up a button if it does! Who doesn't like having a good look at what other people have..

OK, here goes. Today I'm going to show you my fridge! Well, I was just getting a drink from it when I had the idea so it makes sense.

It's pretty covered in stuff as you can see... photos, fuzzy felt magnets, postcards etc.. Not on the lower level because Ethan tends to eat anything I put there.

Amusing photo of my Dad from the early 70s. Love this photo. So young and carefree... long before I came along!! Hahahaha... And the snake hips comment? Well, come on! He does look a bit snake-hipsy there!

Contents of note include cherry beer - yum! The broken mayo bottle stuck together with tape and an elastic band. Bloody thing jumped out and me and squirted me in very dodgy places. I swear I was getting weird looks that day...

So, there you have it!! Please do join in, I can't wait to see what lurks within your fridges bloggers!

PS, thanks to all who've read and joined in today, it's really made me smile :) I've just made a button, so if you've like to join in, or have enjoyed today, please grab and add to your blog!



  1. Love it! Will try and get on to this today :)

  2. I know... I don't think my Dad has actually noticed that on the fridge whenever he's been round. Don't think he pays attention to that stuff!!!

  3. An yes, please join in if you can jbmumofone I'd love it! :)

  4. This is a fab meme!And I would like to see other peoples fridges!Sad I know,but very true!

  5. Thank you Jess, thank you for commenting!

    I've created a button for the meme now.. it's a work in progress but please feel free to add it to your own blogs!

  6. Hey this is an awesome idea!! And what a fab-lookin fun-lovin fridge!

  7. Thanks Kerry you funky rocking Blogger you! X


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