Friday 24 February 2012

Fashion Friday

So.. for now at least, my meme "I'll show you mine..." is no more.  If people want it back then maybe it will reappear at sometime, but I feel I gave it a good shot.  Five weeks, and as the weeks went by, less people were getting involved, not more.  I still like the concept, but I think perhaps it's quite an involved meme to host on a weekly basis.  Perhaps I could bring it back in the future on a monthly basis.  We'll see.

"I'll show you mine.." was a good learning experience though.  It was interesting starting up a meme, trying to get it out there, to encourage people to join in without (hopefully) harassing them.  It made me think a bit more about having a purpose to each of my blog posts instead of a non-directional rant.  Also, it was nice having a topic to blog about each week!  So.. I'm taking that and running with it.  I'm not starting up another meme just yet, but I'm going to start something on my blog and take it from there.  Basically, every Friday, I'm going to centre my posts around fashion and style, both for Mums and children.  It's something I enjoy, so why not!?

This Friday I'm going to talk about boots.

I love shoes.  Most women do.  But out of all footwear, I love the boot the most.  I am always on the look out for the perfect boot.  Sometimes I think I have finally found it, but end up encountering some sort of problem.. it's not as comfortable as I thought it would be, or it wears down to quickly.  Or doesn't go with enough outfits (flexible footwear is essential to a Mum's wardrobe I feel).

The kind of boot I lust over the most is the calf length brown leather variety.  Flat sole, or slight (very slight) heel.  I need to be able to walk for hours in my footwear, comfortably.

As yet, I still haven't fount this boot.  It must exist out there somewhere? I have lots of boots that I love and many that I like but don't always feel 100% happy in.  For example, there are my Art boots.  I love these boots a lot.  And they are more comfortable than you might think.. but by the end of the day, my legs and feet to ache a little.. and they aren't flat. Sometimes I want a boot that is flat for a different look.

It's not the greatest shot of these boots, I'll grant, but it's the best I have!

Then, there are my brown cowboy-esq boots. These are by Firetrap.  Lovely and comfy.  Great for walking all day in.  Go with all colours.  But they are somewhere between above ankle-mid calf hight with, I feel, isn't the most attractive length of boot.  So although they are nice boots, they don't always fill me with body confidence.  If I'm having a low day, I probably won't wear these.

After these two "sensible" types of boots, I've got my Uggs (I know they are a bit "everywhere" and lots of people don't like them now, but I love mine.  They are comfort boots).  After those come my more unusual boots, most of which are Sugar boots.  They are great fun, but won't work with every type of outfit.  I've got ones with bird & owl prints on them, and ones with floral designs.  These will give you an example!

So.. you can see, I have plenty of pairs to choose from... But I still don't own "the ones".  I'm on the hunt.  Anyone got any recommendations?  I quite like the look of these so far:

There's not too much out there at the moment making me want to take those boots a walkin'..


  1. Oh how i love brown boots! Thank you for the follow i am now following you.

  2. oooh, I love the second pair of boots! And don't worry about the memes, you can still do you own posts. I am going to do Trendy Toddler Tuesday probably once a month or every other week. Mostly it's the work and right now I really need to get him new clothes. You have really lovely images, have you thought of making them a bigger size for all the details to show up? I would love to get a good look at those boots!

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they!

      Thank you re the images - yes, I could make them bigger. I'd be happy to. I was worried they might be to in your time I'll make them bigger and hopefully it won't be too much! x


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