Wednesday 29 February 2012

I'm so dizzy...

... that song is in your head now, isn't it!!

I am feeling very low on energy blog-wise this week.  We've all been ill yet again, with some weird cold/virus.  Strange symptoms.  Mainly we're all really achy and lethargic.  Ethan appears to be on the mend now and his very happy to be feeling better.. trouble is, I'm a few days behind him, so whilst he's feeling better, I'm feeling worse.  Hubby is somewhere in between.

The most annoying and worst symptom I have at the moment is a dizzy feeling.  It's kinda like when you've been on a boat for a while and get off but feel like you're still moving for a while afterwards.  I feel like I'm swaying all the time.  It's quite disconcerting and distracting, and actually, quite draining!

 Look! We're dizzy!

I'm not too concerned about it... My gut instinct is that it's a virus or inner ear infection type thing (though I have no pain).  If it's still here in a few days I'll head to the Drs but I'm not one for rushing there.. plus I was there last week with the anxiety!

Talking of anxiety, my feelings at the moment are still along the lines of carrying on without medication and getting on a waiting list for CBT.  I haven't actually got around to writing down my feelings each day but I have been taking note in my head of how I feel each day, at different times etc.  I think what gets me stressed is when we have to do something.. whether it's getting the food shopping done or getting to playgroup on time, those are the things that cause me anxiety.. and it's really silly.  There is no need for me to be so anxious about those things.  It doesn't matter if we don't get to playgroup on time.  It doesn't matter if the food shopping is a day late.  Yes, we'll be low on things, but there's plenty of stuff in the house we could easily make do with.. and as for the housework. Well, I'm tempted to take a week off vaccing and cleaning the bathroom just to see what happens!! Eeeek! Will it be the end of the world? Should I take back the power?

Well... I'm pretty done in... I want to post every day, but it's not easy at the moment.

I'll try to make my next blog post less blah and more yay!


  1. Don't feeling guilty for letting things slide at bit, at home. Everyone needs to take a bit off time out. If you and your family are a bit under the weather, the best thing you can do is slow down the pace and just get better. House work, shmouse work. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    1. You're right Alice.. We've all been ill this week and still aren't better. Ethan's also had horrible diareah so it's been impossible to get much done. I've ended up back on anti d's again. Not the best week. Blogging has slipped somewhat. I feel bad I've not felt like reading anyone's blog this week... Bad blogger! X


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