Wednesday 22 February 2012

The things toddlers say..

I was talking with a friend this week about the funny stuff out children say... They really do! We only have to look at Actually Mummy's blog which is full of amusing childish tidbits.

Now Ethan plays more independently I'm always spending time hiding behind door frames trying to listen in to his amusing conversations. I suppose he's practicing things he's heard or things I've said to him.

I thought I'd share a few gems.

Misspronunciations, misunderstandings, Ethanisms and made up words:

Toasticles: toast crumbs
Windmilks: windmills
Christmas: crisps
A-pot-of-tea: tea in a sippy cup
Bath Juice: a delicious drink to be had in the bath (bath water in a stacking cup)

Overheard conversations:

"Oh no! The sky is falling down! Oh no! Oh no! The sky's falling down and then our house will fall down and my trains fall down and the camera falls down and it's broken. Then Mummy and Daddy fall down and say "upsy daisy!"

"Ethan wakes up and hears fireworks! Boom! Crash! Mummy comes in and says "shhhhhh, go to sleep, it's still night night, Daddy is asleep! Shhhhhhh" Mummy says people excited. Fireworks. Boooom, crash, bang!"

"No dolly! That's mines cot! Go away dolly. I don't like you!"

"Our car! Our car! Oh no, our car. Horses will eat you our car. And I say NO! NO HORSES! DON'T EAT OUR CAR. Naughty horses!"

I'm sure there are many more examples of this, but I can't think of them just now.. I think I'll have to start jotting them down in a notepad.

What little gems have yours come out with? The overheard conversations are always my favourite because Ethan has got to the stage where he does different voices for people which always cracks me up. Most of his conversations involve fireworks though. He is obsessed with them...


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  2. My favourites of Clover's are "open the mack pot" (ie the drop-down cup on my bra - mummy mack is breastmilk), and the wonderfully bizarre conversation she had with the nativity scene figures before Christmas: "Mary, you need to go to catholic school to buy some new trousers. Joseph and baby Jesus will drop you off and go to Tanfield railway."

    1. I love Clover-isms! And mack pot is pure genius.. love it!! She is so adorable! xx

  3. aww made me really giggle. my niece called me 'we we' for about a year when she 1st started talking, telling me 'i love you wewe' used to melt my heart, now shes nearly 5 and calls me Lucy, still wished i was called 'wewe' tho sounds much cuter x

    1. LOL wewe - that's so cute!!

      Ethan calls my friend Lucy, Moosey. He knows she's called Lucy these days but both he and she prefer Moosey..

      I just remembered.. my brother used to call shoes doors... as in "I need to put on my doors!".



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