Thursday 2 February 2012

I'll show you mine...

Good day!  It's meme time!  Firstly, thanks to all who joined in with last week...

This week I'll show you.... my son's buggy!

We've pimped our buggy.  It's how we roll (literally) in this house.  It's a Mothercare My3 buggy and we've been using it for over 2 and a half years now.  It's still going strong.  I love it.  It's only downside is that it's massive to fold up into the boot - we can fit it in, but not much else.  As a result we have an OBaby stroller that lives in the car (got it for £25; the previous owner had used it once! Bargain!).  Anyway, I love this buggy.  It's easy to use and eye catching too, especially once I added my own "special" touches.

What do you think?

Ethan tells me he loves his buggy, he tells me it's comfy and cosy and he loves all the owls :)

Now folks, please join in!  Show me yours (well, your child's!).  Don't forget to link back to here in your blog post or grab the button.  Oh, and tweet me as well!

As a heads up, next week I'm going to be showing you my wedding dress.  If you want to join in but don't have a wedding dress to show off, show me a favourite dress you've worn to a wedding.


  1. What a bloody amazing buggy! How are those lights on there lol is there a battery part tucked away..well obviously but where lol. Ill be linking up tomorrow, I wont do the wedding dress as im getting wed this august so no one can see that lol but I may give a sneak at my little girls dress! Or my sisters as I dont own a dress lol xx

    1. Thank you Cupcake, and thank you for joining in again! Yup, those are battery powered fairy lights, I sewed them into the sunshade. I've put them on the buggy each year for Christmas, but this year Ethan and I decreed that they should stay on, so they have!

      Oh yes, obviously you can't show off your wedding dress until after the big day! But any other dress along a similar theme.. that's fine! It's just an excuse to show off nice dresses/outfits! xx

  2. I Love your buggy...Its very similar to the last one I ever bought, that was an orange 3 wheeler too. The 3 wheeled buggies were ultra new out then (I'm talking 12 yrs ago) and everyone would look at me as I walked down the road, lol. Love the number plate, that is so cool! x

  3. wow ive never seen a pimped buggy, i love it! the owls are my fave :D we have a black phil and teds sport, we have pimped it with a cow print buggy snuggle and really dont want little one to grow out of it!


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