Saturday 18 February 2012

The mp3 shuffle game - let's go again!

Seasiderinthecity started this up (after being inspired by the Radio One breakfast show a few weeks back.  It's really simple but lots of fun.  All you have to do is grab your mp3 player and stick it on shuffle then blog about the first 5 songs that come on - and now cheating!  If something embarrassing comes up, then it's more amusing really!

I put my ipod on shuffle in the car this afternoon and these are the first 5 songs that played - in this order:

1) Royksop - Vision One - from their album Junior.  A fab album track from an excellent album.  I find this one to be very reminiscent of The Virgin Suicides soundtrack by Air.  This one doesn't have a video being an album track, but it is on youtube..

2) You don't sparkle (in my eyes) - My Life Story.  My fave band.  And one of their best songs..

3) Road Rage - Catatonia.  Ah, now this one reminds hubby and I of being teenagers...

4) Moneybox - Eliza Doolittle.  Not a bad song.  Nothing amazing, but easy to listen to.

5) Digital Love - Daft Punk.  I love Daft Punk.  They ROCK, ROBOT ROCK!  This is a total classic from (in my opinion) their best album.  Used to get ready to go out whilst listening to this loudly in my room when I was 17/18.  Ahhh, the good old days.  I'd be bopping around, drinking vodka and gin and putting on make up.  Fun!

So, that's what turned up on mine.  Nothing embarrassing!  Amazing really.. Why don't you do the same with yours and blog about it? I'm off to see if I can find what other people have been listening too....


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