Monday 13 February 2012

This week baby I promise... I write this, I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room on Sunday evening, feeling exhausted after a busy week and a very full weekend.  We've been busy, there's not doubt of that!  It's half term now though.  I know that as Ethan isn't even in pre-school yet, that might seem like it doesn't mean much, but in actuality it effects us a lot.  Our normal classes aren't on, and other places we might normally visit are packed out instead of fairly quiet!  I think we're looking forward to a quieter week though.

As we'll be at home more this week, and it's so cold outside, this week baby I promise....we will do some baking together.

Ethan and I have baked together quite a few times, but not regularly.  I think it comes from being out and about quite a lot, but also my fear of making the kitchen too messy, if I'm truly honest.  I know..bad Mummy!  We will be stuck in on Tuesday morning when we're being fitted with Virgin TV & Broadband so that'll be a good time to do it.  Plus I have a recipe in mind.

Are you promising this week?  Let me know!  Head over to the lovely Mum of One who holds this meme each week and see what everyone else is promising to their littlies.

Mum Of One


  1. Baking with littlies can be a bit stressful! Hope you make something good x

  2. Oooh, I am also a bit OCD about kitchen mess so am wishing you lots of luck!

  3. Thank you! We shall see how it goes tomorrow!! X


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