Tuesday 28 February 2012

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Winter Essentials

Trawling through the photographs taken over this winter (2011-12) there are two things that really stand out.  Ethan's outdoor gear.  As we've all been poorly again recently and I've not taken that many photos over the last week and Ethan hasn't worn anything that remarkable or exciting.  So, I thought for Trendy Toddler Tuesday today I'd talk about something else.

Ethan has two staples in his wardrobe this winter.  A gorgeous little fleecy coat/jacket and an exceptionally cute hat.  He has other hats and coats, but these are the ones he wears the most.

Hat : H&M (12-18 months but still fits, bought 2nd hand via eBay)

Jacket/Coat : Sam & Jo (bought in TKMaxx for £15)

If you'd like to see what the other Trendy Toddlers are wearing, why not check out Little M's blog over at Mummy's Busy World.


  1. aww he looks fab!! Harry has that hat too :) how do you find those bikes? we have been tempted to buy harry one but was wondering if he would be too young? x

    1. It's such a cute hat isn't it!

      We got Ethan's bike on amazon. If you search for balance bikes quite a few come up. He got it or his second birthday but only started riding it properly a couple of months ago. He was too short before. There's no harm buying something early. Ethan used to just push it along before he could ride it and he loved doing that! X


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