Wednesday 8 February 2012

REVIEW: The Very Hungry Caterpillar and other stories DVD

Who doesn't remember They Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle from their childhood..? OK.  If you were born prior to 1969 then chances are you don't, but most of us who are parents to young children now do remember this book and many others by Eric Carle with very fond memories.  His illustrations are so original an iconic.  The story is simple yet memorable and catches the attention of the very young and even older children.

Ethan loves the book.  We have the original book, we have the finger puppet version and even a "Very Hungry Caterpillar" annual (which is so good in itself I'll be reviewing that!).  I was talking to a friends recently who has a son the same age as Ethan.  We were in the library and discussing the books our boys love the most.  The Gruffalo's Child came up of course, but soon after my friend mentioned The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then went on to mention that they had the animation on DVD.  I didn't even know there was an animation!! She told me they had found it on Amazon and that their son had been entranced by it ever since.  I had a look on Amazon myself that evening and found it for a barginous price of £2.99 with free delivery.  You really can't argue with that, can you!  So cheap, it was definitely worth a punt!

Our copy arrived quickly.  Ethan helped me to open the package and was hopping up and down when he saw what it was.  It had to go into the DVD player straight away.

I was hopeful, but thought that the animation may not be up to much, or that his attention wouldn't be grabbed by it.    It really couldn't have been better though.  The animation is great, it's just as you'd imagine it would be - the book come to life.  It stays true to Eric Carle's illustrations.  The story is narrated by Roger Mcgough who's voice is just perfect for the story.  Very pleasant to listen to.  Ethan sat watching mesmerised.  A very promising start!

The story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar is followed by Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me, The Very Quiet Cricket, The Mixed Up Chameleon and I See A Song.  As is often the way with Eric Carle's books, they are a little off the wall (notably The Mixed Up Chameleon).  However, I think this is what children love about them so much.  The stories are just like those told in their imagination.  The animations for these stories are fantastic.  They really are all just like having his books come to life in front of your eyes, supported with lovely appropriate music.  Nothing detracts, only adds to the experience.

The running time for the DVD is approximately 30 minutes which is an excellent time for a children's DVD to run I feel.  Just enough time for you to do the washing up whilst they are entertained with something that is enjoyable and calming.  I cannot recommend this DVD too strongly, especially for the price!  If you and your child/ren love Eric Carle's books, I am sure you will love this!

*Disclaimer* Please note this is a review for an item I purchased myself.  I am reviewing this product because I feel it is a product worth telling other parents about!


  1. Ooo may have to go and have a look at that. Never knew it was on DVD either!

  2. ooo i never new there was a dvd, we have the books, may have to invest :) x

  3. It's brilliant, I honestly can't recommend it enough!

  4. It's a lovely dvd - Clover loves I See a Song most of all.


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